Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

Things I wish rdr2 singleplayer had.

Disclaimer:sorry I made this too long to read and some of this ideas I made and some of this cut content and some of it minor stuff.

1.rob banks in freemode(you can rob banks in freemode in rdr1 but only do them in missions in rdr2)

  1. Gang companions in freemode. companions for hunting.

4.nuevo paraiso and its towns.

5.fame system(my idea it could work is that if low fame npcs would be scared of arthur or maybe run off if arthur did somethings bad and if high fame npcs would like arthur if arthur did somethings good. I'm terrible at explaining how somethings would work and I do get this might overpower the honor system.)

6.whole island of Guarma with more missions and be able go back their after chapter 5

7.arthur go to new austin,black water, and nuevo paraiso(this idea I had in mind was It could work by arthur could go to those locations in both in the prologue and later in the story.)

8.brawl fights

9.unlimited bounties missions

10.owning safehouses and businesses(I know I am part of dutch's gang camp in rdr2 but it would be cool own businesses and safehouses in rdr2.)

11.have a 2 epilogue were you play as john if you had high honor or play as dutch if you had low honor(I got this idea from a post were some development some claimed to be cut content and dont know it is true.)

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13.pardon notes(this was in rdr1 why not put this in rdr2 this would be a great way to get rid of bounty.)

14.12 outcomes to the ending of the story it could be that one or more endings arthur probably lives( I do understand Arthur has tuberculosis and he dies in the 4 out comes of the endings. I'm not sure if the 12 outcomes was going to be 6 endings each ending has 2 out comes or 4 endings have 3 out comes or 3 endings have 4 out comes or 2 endings 6 outcomes. I know 8 outcomes was cut content of the ending of chapter 6 was cut.)

15.cut interiors buildings from rdr1 interior buildings and cut interiors not from rdr1.

This the stuff I could think of. It is ok if yall disagree on some of this. I might do a part 2 to this later. I marked this as spoiler because their was something in number 14 I spoiled.


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