Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

UPDATES WE WANT IN RED DEAD ONLINE NOW!!! (rockstar will probably never add them)

  • The rob ability and heists. This has been an on going thing that we’ve all wanted and would make grinding money much more enjoyable.

  • More clothing and customisations. I’d love for new clothes like shirts, vests, boots, pants, coats, ponchos, etc. also the ability to customise them like to open up the vest or coat for example.

  • More camp customisation. I loved the concept of being able to customise your camp to your liking similar to the single player. I feel like everyone’s camp looks the same.

  • Fight clubs. This could also be a very fun and interactive way or earning money.

  • Properties and ranches. We need more options of where to call home. Whether you’re a wealthy townsman who lives in a saint denis mansion. Or a simple rancher making a living.

  • Horse expansion. This may just be me but Id really love to be able to tame wild horses and be able to sell them. Also the addition of legendary horses which could be near impossible to find let alone tame.

  • Fishing update. I’d love to be able to earn some decent money from peacefully fishing every now and then. Also the addition of legendary fish like the single player.

  • different trapper items. Is it just me or are you sick of the same garment sets. Just the coat and the hood with the animal’s head. The single player had such a great variation and broke down the garment sets into single clothing items.

  • Bounty hunter becoming a lawman. I know we’ve had a bounty hunter expansion but it would be cool to have an experienced bounty hunter have the opportunity to become a lawman.

  • A dog update. I’d love to be able to have a variety of dog breeds available for purchase. It would be awesome if they could accompany you on your journey whether it’s hunting down game to survive or taking down the notorious bounties. Having a dog alongside would change everything.

  • More land of opportunities missions. The whole story of red dead online just went 🚪🚶‍♂️ and I wish rockstar would continue it, it has so much potential.

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If you read this far and I missed anything you guys also want to see in the future, leave a comment!


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