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Was Micah a rat from the beginning?

Content of the article: "Was Micah a rat from the beginning?"

When Arthur tries to save Abigail and Sadie, Agent Milton shows up and tells Arthur they picked up Micah since the gang returned from Guarma. However it's hard to believe that he wasn't a rat from the beginning. I have several points that back this up.

At the beginning Lenny and Micah are sent to ride ahead before the gang sets up in Horseshoe but then Micah ends in jail. Also with an O'Driscoll as his cell buddy. An O'Driscoll who didn't think he would get shot when trying to follow Micah out of the cell. When Arthur later asks him how he ended up in the area Micah just waves him off, talking about "loose ends" and how it's nothing that needs to concern Arthur.

Then they go after a stage coach Micah heard about from an O'Driscoll. Furthermore, when Micah leaves his camp, you can find a damaged copy of Dutch's wanted poster. Was he considering getting that bounty? He probably changed his mind once Dutch actually escaped with the money and successfully hid it. The gang stole $150,000 off the boat and that was better than anything the government could offer him.

Later on in the story the gang decides to move from Horseshoe, Dutch sent Arthur and Charles to check out a new spot that Micah had recommended. It turned out to be a large meadow. Arthur and Charles immediately realized how out in the open and vulnerable it was. It would have been easy for the gang to be ambushed and surrounded. Why would Micah recommend that meadow? A place so clearly wrong for hiding the gang?

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Then one day Micah and Pearson came to Dutch, telling him how they found a way to finally end the feud between Dutch and Colm. It was obviously a trap, but in this case a trap to capture Arthur. This way, Colm could lure the entire gang to him and then turn Dutch in to the pinkertots, in exchange for leniency for himself. Micah was clearly pushing Dutch to make this peace meeting happen, it was very out of character for him considering he usually likes to kill folk.

Something I also noticed is that Micah isn't at camp at some key points of the game. Like when Jack was abducted by the Braithwaites, when Cornwall attacked Dutch in Valentine, when Kieran was abducted, etc.

To conclude, Micah was probably trying to sell out the gang from the start (mostly Dutch) to whoever would pay him the most. It's not just the Pinkertons. He was also probably in contact with Colm, Cornwall, The Braithwaites and Bronte.

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tldr; Micah was trying to sell out the gang from the beginning. Ending up in jail with an O'Driscoll and then kill him to tie loose ends. Left a wanted poster of Dutch in his camp. Recommending a shitty open area for the gang to move to. Pushing a peace meeting between Colm and Dutch. Micah isn't at camp at a few key points of the game.


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