Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

We deserve a Scrawny Nag rework (Yes I’m serious)

I know, I know. You never seen your poor neglected Nag since the online portion launched because you have 6 backup horses as is. We all see Madam Leclerk as our godmother since she broke us out of prison but speaking of broke; who carried us to Leclerk on its broken malnourished back?

The fucking nag. The crippled horse godfather that all our current horses bow down to when we're not looking. Oh yeah, your horse across the map and literally refusing to move an inch until you unspawn and respawn em? They're just doing a casual daily nag prayer

"Thou shalt pray to me and abandon your owner when they're bounty hunting or doing some serious shit"

  • NAGolicious 69:420

    I mean for fuck sakes they fear nothing, your bond with them is stuck at 0 and they got bigger balls than pretty much every other breed of horse maxed out due to being on death's door since day one. They purposely eat bullets because they haven't eaten in weeks and they eat snakes for the same reason.

    Here's a video I made a few months back showcasing what happens when you max the scrawny nag bond and how to do it. If you can get passed my voice being as flat as my ass then I'm sure you'll get some entertainment/educational value from it.

    Currently the only way to increase the bond with the scrawny nag is to feed it. So petting, riding, brushing, slapping ect does nothing to it's bond. This in of itself is interesting because it makes sense: The nag is starved so it only makes sense that feeding a literal god is the only way to make it respect you. But there's 2 issues along with this: Feeding increases the bond by 1… And it takes 950 points to bring it's level from 0 to 4. Basically your nag is a fat, diabetes stricken fuck by the time you max it's rank. The other issue is that if the Nag despawns for any reason then the rank resets to 0. So bringing it to a stable, starting a legendary bounty, if it dies, if it decides to fight your controls and steer headfirst into a local tree/rock to kill itself then your 600 lbs of food that you stuffed into it as well as 3 hours of repetitious boredom has been wasted and Nag has reverted to the starving monk lifestyle.

    So here's what I'm thinking: Stables should have a separate slot at the top specifically for the nag, allowing us to select and customize them to a degree. Once bond with scrawny nag has reached level 1 (Fed 50 times) it's model should change to where it no longer looks like an overgrown drowned rat and you then can start leveling the bond through normal means and not just feeding. Once at level 4 it's name changes from Scrawny Nag to Trusty Steed (There's a trophy/achievement called "Trusty Steed" which is awarded for maxing bond with a horse, so I think it would make sense)

    If you watch the above video or actually try raising the bond level of the nag you'll notice that it's stats do increase just the same as any other breed. So the roadwork is already in place we just need some cosmetic changes and for the bond to actually save.

    It's time for us to give back to our old Godfather NAG. I mean we did all of Leclerks bullshit so why can't we have a main NAG questline?

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