Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

We have 2 computers, both with RDO, that we can not get past the character creation screen.

Content of the article: "We have 2 computers, both with RDO, that we can not get past the character creation screen."

I have heard rumours about R* tech support, but I could never imagine.

We bought two copies of RDO on Dec 1st and have yet to be able to play them despite literally hours in chats with Rockstar tech support, including a supervisor. This has gone beyond frustrating and we're begging for help.

When we log in, we can see "USERNAME has signed onto the Rockstar Social Club," so that part is fine.

We have two very different computers both running up-to-date Win10, via the same modem/router setup. Both computers are having exactly the same error. We can load the game and go through the character creation process, including the final mugshot.

When it reaches the Welcome screen, it stops working. When we click on either "Play Intro" or "Skip", the icon flashes briefly but nothing happens. After a few minutes it times out and gives us an error screen with the error code 0x99690057

We have gone through every step in the troubleshooting page on the support site, multiple times: absolutely everything is up to date, both Firewall and Antivirus are turned off completely.

On one computer, nothing else is running – it's booted into Windows (dual booted with Linux for production/writing) only to play a few specific games. The other computer is Windows 10 only.

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The winsock/ipconfig script support keeps giving us does absolutely nothing.

GTA online uses the same ports and we can spend hours playing that together (one via Epic, one through the Rockstar launcher) with no problems at all. We have also verified that these ports are open directly via the modem interface.


Speed tests on our connection come up clean and fast on both systems. The laptop connects via wifi, the desktop has a hard line. (Hardline screenshot below, the laptop has roughly 1/3 the download speed (+22Mbs) – still within requirements)


We have changed the permissions on the relevant files to admin and back again. We have removed the .exe file and reinstalled. We have removed and reinstalled video drivers. We have checked DirectX and MSInfo.



We also changed our DNS, using Google's DNS services ( and (, then changed to ( (, then back to ISP defaults.

We have uninstalled, reinstalled, verified, deleted all Rockstar software and started fresh. One computer has actually been completely wiped (hardware upgrade) and installed fresh, Rockstar launcher and RDO was next application installed after updates and drivers.

What am I missing?


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