Red Dead Redemption (RDR2)

What a game :_

Hi to the whole community,

It's been two days since I started playing.

I explain my story quickly, I bought stadia to play fifa fut with hypermotion (I came from the switch lite) and I was literally getting sick. The toxicity, the money invested in cards, the trading, playing 50 games in a day against people who waste time from the beginning of the second part, killing myself until 5 in the morning on weekends for the rewards and getting nothing , etc. Not calling my family (I live in another city), not talking to my girlfriend, not taking a shower, getting to work sleepy … I was getting mentally ill. Really. Not a joke.

I only knew the RDR2 from earshot, and I knew it was from rockstar, but I had never tried or seen a gameplay on it. The fact is that I decided to abandon a 1.5M squad in FIFA (I don't know how many bloody hours invested in it …), and I considered going to a game that would fit more with my way of being. I wavered between AC Valhalla, Cyberpunk, and RDR2. I finally settled on the latter because I had heard that it was some kind of GTA in the wild west. I haven't played GTA since San Andreas, but that was definitely the game of my life. I went from 12 years old (that I tricked my mother into buying it for my birthday by assuring her that it was a game for my age …) to 15 or 16 years old spending whole afternoons with a radio listening to music cds (I already knew all the songs of the game radios by heart …) and scrolling the map. Just walking around it and interacting with the silliest things. Looking at the animals with the riflle scope. Changing clothes. Robbing banks in Red County. Going into stores and driving everything that was available.

I've been looking for this feeling a thousand times. I have bought simulators, I was about to spend almost 100 bucks in the hunting simulator with the ranger expansion, I have bought the wildhunt 3 but I am a damn fool playing it, subnautica, windbound, etc … And nothing.

I hadn't been able to feel it again … until now.

What game. What a childish feeling of wanting to come so i can explore and continue discovering things. At the age of 26, I have reconciled with video games and enjoying them in a healthy way, like one of those books that makes you sad when they are finished, you keep them forever in your memory and you feel that they become part of your life. That feeling.

Yesterday, after doing the hunting mission with Hosea, I prepared to camp at Lake Isabella and look for the Arabian horse. On the way a man tried to steal my horse (after the snake venom boy and the free gun I feel more of a philanthropist so I tried to help him) but he was left with the desire (and a shot in the neck). I found the horse as soon as I arrived, but there were three wolves eating a corpse, my horse went crazy, the white horse also went crazy and escaped. Difficult situation. I spent 3 days camping, enjoying the landscape, hunting my food, exploring every corner, but nothing … I hunted the legendary bison but the horse nothing. Finally, exhausted, I died trying to cross the lake from shore to shore (it sounds crappy, but I still don't fully manage the stats, cores, etc). When I woke up, I swear I had the horse in front of me (could there be something more like a movie? Xd) and it escaped me again.

It's what happens when you are trying to catch the most elusive horse without ever having caught a normal one.

I spent another two days camping and the same thing happened to me again. There was no way to track it. I deduced that it was spamming in some specific way so I gave up, went to town to buy arrows, and found myself in the bar fight mission …

I just finished the fight and i said to myself: Now. It is there again. I CAN feel it. HAHA.

I made the trip again, this time without eating or camping along the way. I arrived, found it on the shore next to the abandoned cabin and rode it 2 times until I was able to tame it. What a satisfaction. Let it take longer to chill discovering things and doing a job that, not because it is chill, ceases to be hard and makes you feel satisfied when you achieve it. WHAT A GAME, GENTLEMEN. WHAT GAME. WHAT TIME IS IT? HOW CAN IT BE THAT I HAVE NOT ENDED MY WORKING DAY? I HAVE PEOPLE TO FEED. A WHOLE CAMP.


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