20,000 cheater accounts got banned last month, that’s 656 daily on average. This is now normal. Why? What can be done?

According to Rust Hack Reports twitter feed count (image) (link) 19,698 accounts got banned last month, averaging 656 per day, 256,900 the last 12 months! For perspective that's more than the all time peak concurrent players (245,243) that happened during the OTV thing in january.

What does this tell us? That EAC anti cheat works? Yeeees sort of, but it tells us even clearer that cheaters come back with a new account and that they do this very often.

But that must cost the cheaters a lot of money and at least Facepunch gets a lot of money from that? Well no, Rust might cost $20 normally but on sale it's as low as $0.14 ($0.27 in Russia…). Businesses that I won't link to here buy tons of games during sales that they then later sell with a fresh steam account for around $5 or more.

A rough estimate from these numbers: Facepunch has earned a minimum of $35,966 (based on the lowest sale price) on cheaters the last 12 months (probably more) and cheaters have collectively spent a minimum of $1,284,500 on buying fresh accounts alone (probably a lot more).

Selling steam accounts with Rust bought on sale is a million dollar business and legitimizes selling the actual cheats as subscriptions.

I've heard the argument that FP doesn't want to solve the cheater problem because their income depends on it but I think this is far from true as we see from the sales prices. If they needed more money they release DLC or special skins like they do now with the "nomad" skins etc.

MY POINT IS that this is a large if not the largest part of the problem with cheaters, not so much EAC.

These are the main issues that I see:

  • Ridiculously cheap sales prices, it doesn't make sense!
  • Steam not preventing accounts being sold/transferred
  • Facepunch not pressuring or cooperating with Steam to combat account transfers with Rust.
  • Rust allowing VPN by default (most serious servers block VPN through plugins) as most cheap accounts are from Russia/Asia

There MUST be so many ways to prevent account hopping like this. Google and Facebook can track my every movement and what I eat for breakfast but Facepunch can't do a simple if statement — if (steamaccount.has.oneGame) and (thatOneGameIsRust) and (accountHasChangedHands) then PutThisCheaterOnFuckingHold!

Steam could easily label new accounts with a Rust game bought on sale as at least very suspicious or better only sell Rust at the low sales price on special conditions of higher steam levels and a EULA that allows Steam to track you and demand high levels of transparency.

I'd like to believe in Facepunch, that they are a professional and experimental company that truly cares about it's players. I would like to see the same kind of effort and experimentation put towards the cheater problem as they put towards finding the right progression system (bps/xp/component/bps+component). You have some great minds, put them to use! Put Camomo out of business!

What do you think???


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