30 Second Bag Timers

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Rust – 30 Second Bag Timers

We’ve all been there, you’re out roaming and suddenly you come up to a base and the moment you pass they jump up to the roof preparing to defend their territory. After exchanging a few shots the enemy on the roof dies and you’ve been given the chance to run away! As you’re running you get shot again from the same enemy on the same roof and die. All they had to do was spawn in the base instantly and run back to the roof. In the current state of Rust there are bag timers after you’ve re-spawned on the same bag twice. I believe it would benefit the overall feel of the game if there was an instant 30 second bag timer. You die once and instantly there is a 30 second timer on all your bags, make it twice or more and enforce the normal bag timer rules. Beds would be a 15~ second timer (half of sleeping bag). This would force players to make more cautious decisions in the way they play. You wouldn’t have to deal with what we are currently dealing with after winning a huge fight. Fighting a group near their base and you win? Well that sucks because they just re-spawn re-kit and go right back out while you’re looting up. We’ve all likely been in both situations where you either lose and run back out to kill the last guy or you are the last guy and the other team comes right back out after you’ve just wiped them 10 seconds before that. If you’ve ever watched a clan PVP video you’ll notice how constantly there is a naked spawning on a bag somewhere in the middle of 100 high walls. They grab an AK and fight without giving the opposing team a chance to loot and escape. Going along with fights, this would potentially make online raiding more common. Usually during an online the team defending the base in the example of a typical 5×5 base has multiple re-spawn points all over the base. You the raider kill everyone multiple times but they just keep spawning over and over grabbing whatever they can. On both scenarios it would force the teams to play smarter and cautious. You wouldn’t be worrying about suicide rocketing someone and just spawning again. You’d play your life like it actually has a worth. Overall I believe an instant 30 second bag timer could benefit rust in a huge way.

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I have 5000~ hours currently on Rust and I love playing the game and enjoy the PVP its amazing. This is just something I have noticed over and over and over again, if the enemy had a bag timer they wouldn’t have been able to win a war just by going over and over again until they finally win.


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