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Hello Rust players (and hopefully devs)! I have a fairly basic suggestion that I’ve been giving a lot of thought, and I think it would add a lot of role playing value and functionality to the game.

Imagine if we had basic airplanes – giving players the ability to move large amounts of loot or cargo rapidly around the map. I envision it as a Cessna 172 like THIS but much more run down and patched together.

Advantages would include:

•Large cargo storage capacity similar to scrap heli but more.

•Top speed of double (?) the minicopter in a straight line.

•Ability to fly at a higher altitude than the helicopters

•Feel like a drug runner as you ferry your sulfer across the map at night

Disadvantages would include:

•Much less maneuverable than the helicopters, high speed results in much wider turn radius

•Aircraft would require a large open patch of grass, sand, or a player built runway. Of course you could land at the airfield as well. Not sure how long the takeoff/landing distance should be.

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•Consumes fuel at a higher rate than the helicopters

•Louder than the helicopters

•More players could result in reduced performance/climb rate. This may be more complex than necessary, though.

•Starting the plane would require a hand-prop start (seen HERE). This would give it more of a post-apocalyptic feel, as well as requiring you to start the plane from outside the cabin making it a harder get-away-quick vehicle.

•If you didn’t step back after hand-starting the plane the prop could shred you. This would be fun to watch so maybe it belongs in the “advantages” section.

•Gunfire to the engine could cause sputtering or loss of power

A few cool airplane-involved scenarios could include:

•Clan bases with custom built airstrips made of foundations. Clans using aircraft to scout raids, ferry supplies, etc.

•Players doing high-speed fly-by’s to launch rockets or drop c4 (probably very inaccurate)

•Building a water base with a custom airstrip in the ocean. Just make sure it’s long enough so you don’t run off into the ocean!

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•completing a raid and running like hell to your get away plane parked in a field or a beach, hoping it starts on the first crank and then punching it back home followed by gunfire

That is basically the idea. I would love to be a smuggler-for-hire and fly valuable loot around servers, or build airstrips with flashing landing lights, etc. I would enjoy the hell out of it, but let me know what you think and please give your own suggestions as well!



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