An Essay I wrote for English lol. Had to modify some of the things so they would be easier to understand for my teacher. Hope you enjoy it! It is scripted btw lol

The Jackpot

(Based on the Video Game RUST)

BOOM. My entire world was shaking as the rocket pounded into our base. BOOM. I hear assault rifles shooting outside. BOOM. The door collapses in front of me as I run deeper into the core. BOOM. My friends yell to shoot the raiders as the next door explodes. BOOM.

Three Hours Earlier

As I woke up on the beach, I noticed the abandoned cabins in the distance. “I can loot that for a decent bit of scrap,” I thought to myself. I ran towards the cabins, I saw a towering base with at least 8 players living inside, it was fully made of sheet metal. As I neared closer, I heard a gunshot from a sniper. I instantly dropped to the ground dead, from a player named Cobra. As I hit respawn, I swore that I would get my revenge. After I respawned, I ran over to the outpost, a safe zone that would prevent me from being killed by other players. I met my friend, Moon Goon, known as Moon for short. As we left the comfort of the outpost and went towards our target build site, we hit stones and trees until we filled our inventories with resources. Once we got to our planned building place, we put down a large foundation for a base and surrounded it with walls and a roof.

“Hey Kam, don’t forget the tool cupboard,” said Moon. The tool cupboard prevents the base from decaying as long as you put the correct resources for upkeep in the base. We used the cloth we had harvested from the plants outside to craft sleeping bags, a respawn point for the inside of our base, and gave some to our other friends so they wouldn’t have to run to our base from the beach. We ran back outside after crafting a few bows for my other friends, Oliver and Ross. We ran out to go to the harbor to get scrap because scrap is needed to make workbenches so we could craft higher tier weapons and even explosives. We ran on the paved road to Harbor and looted all of the crates and barrels from the junk piles along the way. As we reached the harbor, we all split up and looted the monument, making sure to not forget anything, for every small bit of loot was valuable to us.

We started to run back to base, and Ross told us that “I got a submachine gun!” A gun would be a useful weapon to defend ourselves. On the way, we hit more barrels and farmed more resources for our base. By the time we got back, we had amassed enough scrap to create a level 2 workbench so we can make higher tier weapons like rifles and submachine guns. After we crafted some guns for all of us, we decided to try to raid a base. There was a small base nearby with at least 3 people living in it, so we crafted some weak explosives and went to raid them. Once we got to their base, we started to throw the explosives on their door. One after another, the explosions went off, breaking the silence and diminishing the durability of the door.

After the door was gone, we waited around until Moon yelled “go go go!” Then we rushed into the base and killed the two people sitting inside.

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“I got the door,” I told my friends as I placed down a door I had just crafted. After the base was secure, we started to loot what was inside. There were some of the best weapons possible in there, MP5’s, assault rifles, and more! As we all yelled about how much the base had, we heard other gunshots outside. The base we had raided was on the other side of the island from our base, so we had to be careful, for if we lost any of the resources it would be almost impossible to get back. We pushed outside with empty inventories so we wouldn’t lose anything from checking outside, and Oliver killed two of the people trying to counter our raid. We loaded our inventories and headed back to base, not knowing what may come. As the sun was setting on the horizon, we heard gunshots right next to us.

“Get Down Kam!” Ross yelled as gunfire flew by my head. Moon Goon went quiet as he was shot down by one of the attackers, but the roar of bullets became ever louder. As we snuck through the bushes, careful not to make a sound, the sun began to rise, which would be bad for us because the darkness of the night was covering us so we were not seen. “Now!” I yelled as we ran towards the forest ahead of us. We turned around, and unleashed fire on our enemies, taking one down and injuring another. As we bolted towards the trees, a helicopter flew overhead. As it touched down, I heard gunfire directed towards us.

“Get in!” said the masked man piloting the chopper. With nowhere left to go, we jumped in the helicopter that looked like it was made of scrap metal. The helicopter lifted off of the ground, and we flew off into the sky. The pilot of the helicopter took off his mask, and it was Moon Goon!

“How did you get a helicopter?” I asked, curious about how our friend managed to pull off such a feat.

“I stole it from our neighbors! You should have seen their faces, they looked like they were gonna raid us!” exclaimed Moon, proud of his accomplishment. As we flew back home laughing at how funny the situation was, we were encountered by rockets. There were turrets, mounted with anti-air rockets, that would track us down and explode the chopper.

“Fly faster!” Ross shouted as the projectiles came flying after us. In the distance, we saw the outpost once again. If we flew over, the missiles would stop working and our adventure would be saved. In a daring chase, we put the helicopter to full speed and watched as we hurtled towards the set of buildings at the outpost. Just as we were about to hit the nearest tower, the rockets screeched to a halt and fell to the ground after reaching the safe zone.

“Finally,” I said relieved that we had escaped. We flew all of the way back home and landed on our roof. Just as we put away our loot from the raid. We heard a beeping coming from one of our storage boxes. We opened the box and found a pager that was set to a certain set of numbers. As it beeped around six more times, we realized what it was for. Nearby the island that everyone lived on, there was an oil rig. It was a place crawling with scientists that worked and studied the island. If someone could manage to kill all of them, they could call in a military transport helicopter that would bring ten fully armored scientists with very powerful weapons to try and neutralize the threat of the players as they hacked a locked crate that contains some of the best items in the game, like rockets, timed explosive charges, and assault rifles. This pager was connected to the alert that would be sent from the oil rig when people were trying to unlock the crate. Our group decided to take our best guns and counter them to try and steal the loot. We flew over there in our helicopter, and once we reached the oil rig, we heard the gunshots of an M249, the most powerful weapon on the island, and only one of them existed.

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“Dive!” Ross yelled as we started to take fire from the machine gun. Moon flew straight down towards the rig, and we jumped on the landing pad right before the helicopter went spiraling off and sunk into the water.

“Everyone ok?” I asked as I hit the ground, stunned that we survived.

“Yeah we’re good,” shouted Oliver as the crack of a bolt action rifle went off. It hit me in the side, so I was heavily wounded and slowly bleeding out. I jumped down the helipad and ran into a building on the top of the oil rig. I tried to stop the bleeding with a bandage, but it wouldn’t hold for long. I would need to find a first aid kit to survive, and they could only be crafted at the best workbench in the game, or by finding one on a scientist. I decided as a last stand to try and take out as many as I could. Based on the footsteps and sounds of guns, they were a group of four highly skilled players, so it would be an even match in terms of players, but our equipment was outmatched by their military weapons. As I pushed down the stairs of the oil rig, MP5 in hand, I flashed back to the beginning of the day, where I was killed by the same gun that had injured me now, a bolt action rifle.

I thought to myself, “Could it be them? Is it fate that we fight them after they sniped me from the roof of their massive tower?” As I reached the next floor down, I heard the footsteps of an enemy player. As the enemy player came into my vision, I heard the ringing of my ears as the bullets of the M249 whizzed past my head. I took multiple shots with my submachine gun, and hit the attacker in the head three times, he was dead. As my senses came back, I ran towards his body, hoping for a first aid kit or some solution to the problem. As I reached his corpse, I picked up the heavy military machine gun and admired it in my hands. I was the only person on the entire island to have this weapon. That didn’t last long though, for I had suffered even greater wounds, and was almost dead. As I searched his body, I found what I needed, a first aid kit. I used it and was in a much better state, but there was still one more enemy on the rig. I heard my friends clear each floor, searching for the final competitor. I heard the repeated fire of gunshots, and he was taken down on the bottom floor. As we looted the bodies of our kills, I noticed a name on the corpse of the player I killed, Cobra. I had done it, I got my revenge. As we flew home, I recalled the event in my mind. The spray of gunfire, the yelling of teammates, and the excitement of picking up the most powerful weapon. Our happiness didn't last long, however. As soon as we reached our base. We saw a group of 2 fully geared players with rocket launchers on their backs coming towards our base. We knew exactly who it was, Cobra. We also knew that if we didn’t defend our base, we would lose it all. We started putting together gear and grabbing our best possible weapons, including the M249. As they reached the door, we started to hear the explosions.

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BOOM. My entire world was shaking as the rocket pounded into our base. BOOM. I hear assault rifles shooting outside. BOOM. The door collapses in front of me as I run deeper into the core. BOOM. My friends yell to shoot the raiders as the next door explodes. “NOW!” yells Oliver as the door crumbles to the ground. We unleash a rain of bullets on Cobra and his teammate until all that is heard is the cheers of our success. We did it, we had taken them out once again, and secured the heaps of loot we had achieved from our adventurous day. As I thought about the events of the day, I remembered where we started, from just a rock in our hand on the beach. We wanted other people to make their own experiences with their friends, so we went down to the beach, and gave away everything we had to a bunch of different people who had just spawned, in hopes that they could have their own amazing story and maybe do the same.


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