As a noob to Rust, I just experienced one of the funniest, strangest and heartwarming things to ever happen to me in a video game…

My gaming partner and I are new to Rust, having only played a couple weeks. Our first real base got raided on a toxic server so we jumped ship to a new one. Within the first couple hours a player starts spamming chat that he’s ‘giving away free guns and armor’ at Bandit Camp. We’ll call this man The Giver. We thought this might be a trick, so we toss all of our stuff in a box and run butt naked to Bandit Camp as quickly as possible.

We arrive to find no one in sight, so we start looking around. Then we hear something strange. We walk up a flight of stairs to find the camp clubhouse full of A DOZEN PLAYERS creating a cacophony of noise with every instrument in the game. Complete auditory anarchy. We are welcomed with open arms and each given a free instrument. I had never seen this many people at once in the game, especially in such friendly circumstances.

We wait patiently, plucking at our bass and whacking the tambourine along with everyone else. As soon as we start to lose patience that The Giver will come, he busts through the door.

‘Everyone quiet! Stop playing your instruments!’ he shouts at the crowd. Everyone falls dead silent.

‘Ok, that’s better. Now everyone against the wall, you know the drill.’

We all proceed to line up on the back wall of the clubhouse.

‘Who gave me a horse earlier, was it you?’ He calls out someone from the crowd and gives them a gun. Then he takes the rest of his loot and spreads it across the floor of the clubhouse as a dozen of us silently wait.

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‘OK everyone, 3… 2… 1… GO!’

We all scramble to pick up as much loot as possible. I score a Thompson, some roadsign armor and a matching blue tracksuit.

‘Now, everyone put on any clothes you picked up. I don’t want to see anyone naked.’

We all dawn our new clothes and armor, now looking like actual warriors and not a mud pit at Burning Man. Everyone is fully clothed except for my partner.

‘Can someone give this man some pants?’ says The Giver. Immediately someone tosses some trousers his way. Someone even switched me helmets so I could have a blue one that matched my track suit. At this point, I’m blown away at how friendly everyone is being because the last server was so toxic.

‘Good, everyone’s looking fresh.’ The Giver runs back to his base to get more loot, leaving us to wait patiently. Once he returns, we do the drill again and I score even better loot. Someone in the crowd pipes up.

‘Mr. The Giver, we’d now like to honor you with a song.’ He counts us down and we unleash an explosion of off-key noise as The Giver laughs. Then, we each take turns performing a solo for The Giver. Finally, we get to the guitarist, the only person in the room that can actually play.

The guitarist proceeds to play and sing ‘The House of the Rising Sun’ as everyone gathers around. We all join in at the end, a choir of people belting out the last chorus.

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‘That gave me goosebumps,’ says The Giver. ‘I’m going straight home and getting my best stuff, I’ll be back.’

He comes back a final time and tells us all to line up single file. One by one, he examines our loot and determines what we will get, giving the best guns and armor to the nakedest and most vulnerable of us all.

‘Before everyone leaves, I want to get a picture.’ We all head out of the camp to a nearby mountain so we can whip out our guns and take a photo.

‘Screw it,’ he says. ‘Let's all go back to my base and I’ll give you even more loot.’

We trek across the frozen wasteland towards his base many miles away. A minicopter flies overhead. I can only imagine what that player must think seeing a dozen fully kitted players running across the mountain below.

As we get further into the tundra, players start complaining about hunger. We’ve already shared all the food and many are beginning to starve. We were minutes away from re-enacting The Donner Party.

That’s when I decide not to risk my loot by dying of starvation or getting attacked by other players, so my partner and I separate from the group and make the long journey back to our base. We went from sticks and stones to rifles and armor in less than an hour, and we’re thankful for the generosity and warmth of spirit The Giver and everyone else presented to us that day. I went from almost quitting the game to having the absolute time of my life. All thanks to The Giver, new friends and a bag full of loot. Cheers!

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