Bandits should attempt to raid big bases

TL;DR if you are living in big metal base with external walls and have AKs, bandits will come and raid you

Fact: Since cargo ship and oil rig was added, the time it takes (for tryhard groups, I suppose) to get endgame gear has been reduced to as few as 1-2 hours. At this level you're pretty much on top of the food chain, only thing you can achieve is more of the same stuff you already have: more AKs, metal gearsets and C4s to raid that stone 2×2 that popped up next to your metal heli tower yesterday.

Meanwhile on earlier stages, you are motivated to get better stuff, because a revolver and DB won't cut it when the zerg from said heli tower decides to steamroll your stone 2×2 because they are bored.

As you progress in technology and base size, potential threat from the outside world drops significantly. Probably this is why scumbags shoot nakeds on sight. Even big clans hesitate to fight each other (from what I've seen so far).

My suggestion: make Bandit camps launch raids against the biggest bases on the server.

  • Why: because gameplay-wise, Bandits have no distinction from Scientists. Same safe zone, same sentries, same recycler, same shops with different coating and wares. Bandits supposed to be a shady, reckless, dangerous company, pursuing more money scrap through any means neccessary.
  • Who: bandits should mark their targets based on certain aspects: base size (how many walls, floors and doors have connected to a TC), base material (metal and armored walls and doors), additional defenses (external walls, turrets) and probably base proximity (distance from bandit camp). I understand that this would probably force zergs to create many small bases, so material and defenses should weight more on the hypotethical priority list.
  • How: a bunch of bandits board a scrap heli, armed with semis and AKs. Scrap heli approaches target base (so SAM turrets might become useful), and attempts to land nearby (or on the roof, if there is enough space). Bandits take on different roles: some stand guard and fire upon any armed players that come close, but prioritize players who are in the building/registered to TC. Others start deploying C4 and/or shoot rockets, preferably making their way towards the TC or storage boxes. A medic could heal their injured teammates. A pilot should stay with the copter, scaring away any thieves.
  • If raiding bandits come across any storage, they try to loot it, prioritising scrap, hqm, guns, gunpowder/sulfur. If they can't loot it, they destory the box and anything that's blocking it (locks, shelves), and loot the dropped package.After destroying the TC, looting enough or losing several teammates (or maybe the heli itself), bandits should head back to the heli and return to camp.Implementing this kind of AI behavior seems like a lot of work, though.
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Let me know if it's an actually a decent idea, or I'm just having more fun thinking about Rust than playing it.


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