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I don't know why, but I really like these little things, but atm there are only cans and satchels that use em, I saw somewhere about an explosive spear, that seems pretty neat an idea, and we have cars so it could even work as a mounted weapon, a mod for them that let's you add a handmade so they detonated on impact but it's really shoddy might be cool. Personally what I want more then all of this though, is a t1 rocket / grenade launcher, either a spring powered light the fuse and pull deal, a mortar tube drop it and let it go boom thing, but most likely a shit rocket launcher where you modify the ammo to go swoosh, and as for failure, blowing up in ur hands is a bit… frustrating for what would be like high end t1 gear, but having the launch path be unpredictable and sometimes fail to clear a metre could be very nice, where the propellent is a dud and you need to book it or blow up, and then the nades still have a failure to detonate chance anyway so you could also just be safe and somehow luckily unlucky.

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long story short I want a cheaper light rocket launcher that I won't have to be scared about carrying on me when I walk around, a good wood base raiding tool… well… 'a' wood base raiding tool that is in every way except aesthetics inferior to the rocket launcher.

there are so many ways it could be cool, like what if you could make a mortar turret out of it, probably something you aim yourself that again might blow up in your face… a shitty rocket launcher to punk npcs like scientists and bears for fun, and blow through wooden walls, probably also for fun… okay I just think it would be fun to use a piece o shit rocket launcher that fires beans okay… can you let me dream, serious about the rocket and mortar tho, those would be fun, and you can just throw them by hand regardless of what they are built for, its a beancan grenade, the most makeshift thing in the whole game, why not make it do everything, thank you for listening to my tedtalk

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