COMPLETE List of “P2W” Items In Rust

Hello, in this post I am going to be going over all of the "P2W" items in rust, I put it in quotation marks because not all of these are actually paid items, and many can't be acquired anymore, but basically it's just a list of advantages that an account can have over one that somebody who just got the game today. I will be listing them, and also giving ways on how to make them as P2W as possible.

Camo Skins:

There are a lot of camouflaged skins in rust, and I'm not going to list all of them because what is camouflage depends on where you are living and there are just too many too list, but I will make note of any extraordinarily camouflaged skins and if there are any I missed that you think should be on here just let me know.

  • Spacesuit – I am listing this one because it is the only skin for the hazmat, which mutes it's normally very vibrant and eye catching yellows and reds.
  • Winter Scout Sleeping Bag – This item makes the sleeping bag basically look like snow, much more camouflaged in the tundra.

Glow Skins:

/u/justice_Cx has already put together a very nice list of glowing skins, so I will just link that here. These skins are really not that important, since every player spawns with a torch, but they can make navigating around your base at night a little bit more convenient. They can also be used to identify where your base is at night, which I don't think is something you generally would want but that's up to you. Also note there are skins where just the iron-sights glow, these are not really worth getting, just download custom desktop logo and get a crosshair, same thing but you don't have to ads to use it.

Transparent Doors:

All of these doors have sections which are transparent, allowing you to see through them to potentially check for doorcampers, even without setting up additional windows in your base.

  • Industrial Sheet Metal Door – Only available through twitch drops, not available right now.
  • Incarceration Armored Door – Lets you see through openable hatch even while it is closed.
  • Door to Heaven Wooden Door
  • Porthole Wooden Door
  • Chop Shop Garage Door
  • Trash Garage Door
  • Checkpoint Garage Door
  • Cargo Truck Garage Door
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Unique Sight Models:

These two SAR skins remove some of the extra bits from the SAR's ironsights, giving you a cleaner picture with a bit less clutter.

  • Imp SAR
  • iRiskPVP's SAR – this one is from this month's twitch drops try to pick it up!

Unique Craftable Items:

Now we are getting to the stuff that offers a real advantage, other than just some extra or lowered visibility, but actual stats advantages from some of these items. They may only be crafted (at least by default) if you own a skin for the item.

  • Boonie Hat and Bandana – These two items can only be crafted if you own a skin for them, and offer very good protection for the cloth early game, especially the bandana, as it can be combined with many different head slot items and so is used throughout many early-mid game gear loadouts.
  • Frog Boots – For some tarp, these give you very good cold and radiation protection without the need of a workbench. These, plus the boonie hat, bandana, hide poncho, and burlap shirt, pants, and gloves, will give you 100% protection from the cold in the tundra biome, even at night, and I believe is the only primitive gearset able to accomplish this.
  • Headset – Another twitch drop item, this gives the same bullet protection as the boonie hat plus bandana combo but for 5 less cloth.
  • Surgeon Suit – Very similar to the hazmat suit, giving just 5% less protection, this item can be crafted at a tier 1 workbench and doesn't require any blueprints. Fun fact, recycling a pair of tactical gloves gives you all the materials you need to make this outfit. Haul ass to the outpost while smacking some barrels to gather up 40 scrap, and enjoy a 25% damage reduction to your entire body within the first 10 minutes or so of wipe.
  • Clatter Helmet – This is effectively just a bucket helmet, but it doesn't require a blueprint to craft. It also puts some lights on your head which makes you a pretty easy target, and the bucket helmet isn't great to begin with, but it's an option.
  • Beach Towels – These function exactly the same as a sleeping bag and have the same cost, but they are smaller and come by default with many colors that can blend into different areas. Due to their small size, they are often able to be almost completely covered by rocky terrain, and they may allow an extra deployable onto a 1×1 depending on how you configure them.
  • Chinese Lantern – Functions the same as a normal lantern, but goes on the ceiling, much more convenient and space manageable.
  • Water Pistol and Soaker – Ok, these ones don't really do much outside of just being a fun item, but they can douse fires from a range, and they also make people wet which could be used as some sort of weapon if you are living in the tundra. It provides at least some level of advantage in some scenarios, so it goes on the list.
  • Boogie Boards – Let's you move faster in water without needing to buy a boat or kayak, very cheap to craft and could allow you to for instance try to retake oil if you go killed and lost your boat out there. Also keeps you dry so you can swim through artic waters without pause.
  • Christmas Lights – In a similar vein to glowing skins, these can be placed within a base wherever you like and don't require electricity. Can be used to mark certain areas or something like a heli landing pad.
  • Skull Spikes – Can be used to light up an area and I don't believe requires low grade or anything.
  • Garry's Mod Tool Gun – Like a normal hammer but can repair and upgrade from further away, could be used during raid defense potentially.
  • Cursed Cauldron – Like a normal fireplace but you can't burn yourself on it, also takes up some extra space and I've heard there are exploits to pass items or light or something through walls I'm not sure.
  • Hobo Barrel – Like a normal fireplace, can be used as a jump-up instead of a furnace if you haven't collected the low grade yet.
  • Sofa – Cheap default item that boosts comfort, allowing you to regenerate health faster in base once you respawn.
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Alright everyone, I think that just about covers all the items that can give you an advantage, if I missed anything or you think any other items should qualify to be on this list, let me know and I will update it. I will also update it whenever new items come out.


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