Guide to dealing with hackers in Rust

I've seen a lot of posts about cheaters recently. Here's a quick guide to dealing with them because I have a final tomorrow.

  1. NEVER call out cheaters in game chat. Just F7 report them and make a ticket in the servers discord. If you call them out in game chat it's very likely they will toggle off their cheats or be more careful. They will get banned much faster if you silently report them and admins can follow them around while invisible.
  2. Dealing with cheaters begins before you even jump on a server. Stay away from official servers! Find servers with an active Discord channel and active admins. Ask your friends for recommendations. I have found the admins of Bloo Lagoon, Vortex, and Dometopia to be top-tier. I can make a list of more if interested.
  3. Record! Use Shadowplay which will record the last few minutes of gameplay if you think someone is cheating. You can easily trim down the clip and include it in your ticket. A screenshot of your combat log can help too. Remember, don't call them out in chat!
  4. Some servers force everyone playing to have a public profile. This allows you to see their steam account. While it's not always accurate, low-level profiles are a red flag.
  5. Some servers implement an account age minimum — so steam accounts under 30/60/90 days old are blocked from joining.
  6. Some servers block anyone using a VPN from playing. Many cheaters are playing on VPN's so their actual IP can't be tracked/banned.
  7. Some modded servers have plugins that show kills/deaths and other statistics which can be helpful, especially to admins. But don't forget there are people who are just insane at the game and spend probably 10x more time playing it than you do.
  8. Don't play with cheaters. It's your job to do some due diligence before playing with new teammates. They will never tell you they are cheating. Always add new teammates on steam and check their Battlemetrics before playing with them. Make them un-private their profile and check their hours. If they say they have 3k hours but their profile has 300, don't believe their excuses. No, they didn't "give their brother" their 3k hour account. Block them.
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