Here’s my unpopular opinion after watching new streamers getting into Rust and playing with each other

Content of the article: "Here’s my unpopular opinion after watching new streamers getting into Rust and playing with each other"

This community has always been toxic and elitist, and I hate it. But the orders of magnitude this toxicity gained in the past 2 years is simply astonishing.

Most mechanics are not explained in any way, shape or form by the devs, and it's not helping either. E.g., having hard side and soft side on your walls/floors will only become apparent, when someone online raids your wooden 2×2 in seconds.

Oh, and don't even get me started on the recoil in this game. Look at the recoil in the modern FPS games. It takes minutes to learn it (hours, at most, in rare cases). AK recoil though? You bet your ass you'll need to hop on to aim training servers, where you would memorize the recoil for hours, then practice it on combat tag servers for dozens of hours, if you want to have a fraction of a chance in surviving the actual PvP encounter on official server.

I've 3.5k+ hours in this game, but haven't been actively playing Rust for ~3 years now, and what I've realized by watching the streamers play is that how far down the road of mutual hatred and disgust active player base has gone. Kill on sight is the default behavior for 80% of the player base. Other 20% are obsessed with sneaking close, pretending to be new and naked, and using eoka/pipe to gun you down and "make a play".

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Yeah, it's all about "making a play" now. And controlling your recoil. And dominating oil rig and the cargo. Like, people refuse to have fun with the game by any other means, as only these options are provided (or rather dictated) to them by the Rust streamers with several thousands of hours.

Large clans dominate the official servers (more often than not with the help of scripters/cheaters), foundation wipe of grief solo players or smaller groups, then despawn loot and move on to the other server. This is the definition of toxicity, and this is what Rust has become over the years, and it genuinely makes me sad.


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