I just dont see the appeal

this is satire.

I have like 200 hours on the game and i cannot go any more. Its literally just rinse and repeat every single wipe.

Get on server on wipe day, take 30 mins to get to the spot you want to build, find out someone has already built there, finally find a spot and build a 2×1, run the road to mining outpost/abandoned supermarket/outpost. come back with jack shit, get some materials, upgrade base to medium size, log off.

Get back on next day, go outside, see Alcatraz right next to your base because a zerg decided that this spot as nice too. finally do some monuments so you get your cards and go to train yard but you soon realize that people already have full metal ak and gun you down where you stand. and while you went to train yard the zerg decided to foundation wipe your base. if the zerg didnt foundation wipe your base then just move bases, but literally every square has a zerg base so what is the point.

Soon you get the stuff to go to oil rig but spent 2 hours trying to find a boat on the shore so you just say "fuck it" and just buy one from the fishing village. You take a boat out to oil but see that its already being taken and you get headshot by an L9 they got from the crate. So you lost your boat, your lowgrade, your kits, and your cards.

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If you get lucky you will be able to get on the rig and kill the scientists and once you make it to the red card door you forgot your fucking cards at the base.

But if you didnt forget the cards then you open the door and start the timer on the crate and try to kill the heavies, however a certain zerg decides to be funny today and from the horizon you see about 5 scrap helicopters coming straight towards the oil rig and you get headshot with a bolt rifle.

But if the clowns forgot their makeup then you kill the heavies and open the chest to find that you got a pistol and some components. No matter what you always get the worst possible loot from oil, why even bother.

Then you cut your losses and just go back to base but see that 4 nakeds with double barrel shotguns are door camping your base and you get blasted.

But if the nakeds decide that you didnt win the lottery today they door camp someone else one square away, you hear db shots in the distance…

Next you hear a knock on your door, its a message man saying that he has insight on the zerg right next to your base, he says that they are getting ready to raid your base, while you are packing up your stuff to move you see in chat "gl hf" from 53 other people and you just hear your base getting shit on by rockets.

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Next you go on reddit to complain to people that the game isnt fun to you anymore but you spend another 5 hours trying to remember what the fuck the password was.

And you spend like 15 minutes writing this post…

and you write…

and you write…

and while writing this you remember how bullshit this game is… but that is kind of why you absolutely love it. This game is basically a limit tester, and you keep coming back.


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