I prepared table with new missions

Hello nakeds, I checked new missions so you don't have to.

Below you can find table with missions which I was able to complete (maybe there are more?). I found 8 NPCs but only 4 of them had missions for me. If you completed any mission which is not on my list write it down in the comment.

I listed goals and prizes along with my scores for:

  1. How long it takes to complete it
  2. How difficult it is
  3. How good the prize is

Note that all of those missions are for beginners / should be done early into the wipe and I rated them from a perspective of the naked.

Full spreadsheet with scores is here and below you can find shorter version of the same table.

TL;DR If you are a meta chad – don't bother with missions but if you want to have some fun and get (sometimes) useful items those missions are okay.

Devs said that more missions are coming in the next updates.

Shark HuntDive MasterFishing VillageHead out to sea and search for the floating bottles marking a diving siteJackhammer and some meds <3x meds>
Sunken CratesDive MasterFishing VillageSearch the sunken ships for anything useful I'll reward you with pump shotgun
Fishing RodFishermanFishing VillageI left a tackle box on the beach, return it to meI'll give you this fishing rod and some bait
Go FishFishermanFishing VillageIf you can catch 3 fish for meI'll let you have my kayak and paddle
Oiled UpFishermanFishing VillageI need some fuel for my next fishing expedition. Head out to sea and search the flotsum for fuel <100 crude oil, open 8 (counter is broken) oil barrels - you can't scam it by having 100 crude>I'll pay you 50 scrap for 100 crude oil
Boar HuntHunterRanchI really hate boars, Will you do me a favor and kill one for me?I'll pay you 25 scrap
Deer HuntHunterRanchDeer are simply the worst. If you kill 3 deer I will reward you with 100 scrap
TreasureHunterRanchI know where you can find some hidden treasure, but the location will cost you 25 scrap <~8 squares away> ///
Lost thingLumberjackBandit CampI've lost something.. very dear to me in the forest I'll reward you with hatchet
WoodLumberjackBandit CampIf you can harvest 2 000 wood and return it to meI'll give you a crossbow and some arrows
Wildlife CullLumberjackBandit CampDo me a favor and kill 3 animals of any kindI'll reward you with some armor when you return
MinerBandit Camp


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