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I've recently started playing again and I've enjoyed a lot of the new content, but there seem to be a lot of "advanced" items that are far beyond the level of technology that existed even months ago; I do enjoy the telephones, cameras, vehicles, etc. but there are a couple of things I'd like to see in the game that aren't nearly as advanced.

  1. Clocks: There was an ingenious clock solution put together by /u/dapaca and posted here, but it would be nice to have a more "rusty" clock. It could be especially useful for knowing how long until the sun's up, or coordinating with other users to meet in specific locations (or begin a raid) at a certain time. Then again, i suppose you could just look at a clock in meatspace to do this, but it would be nice to have a clock that runs at game-time speed rather than real-time. Perhaps craftable with fragments, a few gears, and some tech trash?
  2. Measuring solutions: Not really all that important, as you can figure all of this out through trial and error, but more of a convenience item. A "tape measure" made of rope or something like it could be useful to know how far to stand back from explosions, how many items you could fit into a certain space, how many foundations you could place between rocks, how far back to place things from monuments or the road, etc. Craftable with rope, cloth, or both — along with a few sewing kits?
  3. Parachutes: I know these have been proposed before, but the posts I found mentioning them didn't get much traction (who knows, this one might just be screaming into the void, too). Some commented that they'd be too OP, but given the number of aircraft and other "get over the walls" solutions, I think they'd fit in. A parachute would be much less painful than jumping walls off of ramps with cars, or dropping out of a helicopter or balloon, and would be a little more dangerous if you descended slowly. They could be less effective the more damage they've taken, as your "descent rate" would increase as something or someone shoots holes in the parachute. You'd be a target for turrets, SAMs, and other players. Could be fun. Craftable with rope, cloth, and sewing kits — perhaps a lot of these things?
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Are there any items you'd like to see in the game that are reasonably Rust-y and don't yet exist?


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