Mixed emotions about OTV

Content of the article: "Mixed emotions about OTV"

I have been feeling that the whole OTV thing is so absurd. Now don't get me wrong, I love that they are all playing and enjoying rust and boosting the viewership and players. That's awesome and something we all get to reap benefits from.

My issue comes in the way that they've been treating these content creators. It's every dev teams dream to have this many MASSIVE content creators playing their game at the same time, and I congratulate FP on the success of the game. However the blatant favoritism and brown nosing of the streamers is pretty obnoxious.

The immediate bug fixing of the holo/ lasersight combo, the creation of custom servers for the OTV players, the skins given to them etc. its all a bit much.

My friends and I have been talking about how insulted the real rust content creators must be feeling right now, people like Hjune, Frost, Stevie, Bernie, Wellyn, Tacular, Posty, just to name a few, have never been offered such resources, and they've been dedicated to the game for years. Think about people like EvilWurst, who provides reliable testing to the building mechanics, outing bugs and helping to keep development balanced, also offering amazing guides to get new players into building. meanwhile he and his friends consequently have to pay for and run their own server (builders sanctuary), whereas OTV is offered a customized and handmade one without a seconds breath. A bunch of random streamers who just zoom from the most popular thing to the next without giving a shit about the game they're playing are basically given 24 hour access to the dev team, infinite resources, and pretty much anything they could ask for.

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I'm not surprised with the whole thing, its an ingenious business move, I'm just a little disappointed. If you disagree that's fine I don't really care just wanted to throw this rant out there. Thanks for doing what you do FacePunch, just remember which content creators have been dedicated to your game all these years. I feel they deserve better than this.


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