My suggestions for making base management less time consuming and tedious

Content of the article: "My suggestions for making base management less time consuming and tedious"

I'm playing with a group of friends and I'm someone who you could call a builder or base management guy. As much as I adore building and sorting boxes this task is so time consuming I don't have time to enjoy game outside of the base for most of the wipe. Whenever I manage to get everything under control people are coming back from roaming and, even if they try, sooner or later every box is full of items. I know this is something that can be, at least partially, managed by good group organization, but sometimes you need to leave base in a hurry so it's not always working.

We've tried different approach over last few wipes, like making fast drop boxes near base entrance (those are full after 5 minutes anyway), leaving sets in lockers at the entrance to the base (and walking naked, trying to have sets ready all the time) or using signs to mark the boxes (worst thing ever, raiders know where to go, we tried using 'code' instead but you have to explain it to every new player).

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So what could be done about that?

I have three ideas, starting from most controversial (some would say it's making game too easy, like teams) to least controversial (small change that wouldn't affect game much).

  1. The first thing that comes to mind, but might be unacceptable to some people, is quick stack option. Basically, whenever you have box open (more extreme option – you're near few boxes) you could click quick stack button to automatically check content of the box (boxes near you) and your inventory and transfer stackable items from your inventory to said box (boxes). To prevent making raids easier it should work only in one direction (player -> box). This way you wouldn't have to waste so much time just looking over every box to make sure you don't have some stackable items over 5 different boxes.
  2. The second thing that might help is option to sort box. This would auto-stack items that are already in the box and sort them by item type (so all your stone stacks are next to each other). Just this feature could help save so much time! Imagine you have a box with components but you missed that you have 2 different stacks of blades that could be merged leaving one extra slot free in box.
  3. Let us name boxes! This is the least intrusive proposal. Whenever you open a box let us add a name to that box (i.e. "guns", "resources"). Right now there's only "Loot" description for the box. This way we can still keep at least a little bit of control over items without leaving big sign on the wall for the raiders. It also helps when there is more than one person in base doing item sorting, it's easier to cooperate.
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What you think? Maybe you have your own ideas? I believe there should be something done about item management, because it becomes extremely tedious, especially with more and more items coming every patch.


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