My thoughts on the current rust gunplay

TLDR: rust should try to move away from learnable recoil because it creates too boring and long ranged fighting and makes some guns way too superior to every other. Rust's combat is/was at it's best when short and mid range engagements were the norm and I wasn't shooting at a blip on my screen.

I've been playing rust on and off for like 3 or 4 years and wanted to share my thoughts on guns and hear yours.

Recoil- I personally think that learnable recoil is a plague on rust's gameplay. I know this is probably an unpopular opinion because so many of you have spent countless hours on aimtrain perfecting it, but I honestly feel like that's part of the problem. It just creates such boring gunplay that is usually the same every time, I either get the jump on somebody and spray them at 80 meters because I can draw a squiggle from muscle memory or I get killed the same way or by a scripter. I know that learned recoil is a "skill" but I don't think its the right kind of skill to promote good gameplay in rust. I think random recoil was the best system because it was both skill based but anyone could use an ak if they picked it up.

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AK- This honestly needs its own discussion but I'll brush it here. The ak is just too affective and needs some serious looking at. I know its been changed like a million times but I don't really find that important. You shouldn't be able to just full auto a weapon at 30+ meters that has tones of kick, its stupid, unrealistic and terrible for balance. I know from experience how difficult it is to master the ak recoil but I don't see how that's important. The fact is once it's mastered it's mastered and you literally cant combat it with anything but another ak and maybe an lr. Again, as much as you all hate to hear it random recoil would make it still skill based to control the recoil but not so much so that all fights become long ranged med stick-drain offs. I remember a day when a clumsy clan member could lose to a skillful solo with a revo and waterpipe, that just doesnt happen anymore because at any range you just get full sprayed with ridiculous accuracy that can't be countered by anything else. Aks also make the entire game just a race to oil to see who can get the first ak. Most high hour players (including myself) that I talk to agree that they are bored of rust's current meta and preferred the 2017ish era of rust.

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Snipers- I am not a big fan of snipers at all. But they do have a limited place in the game. First of all, I say remove l9, 8x and 16x completely they are all terrible for pvp and provide little to no counterplay. 4x should be an uncraftable, airdrop weapon. This would make bolty still great for someone who is actually good at sniping rather than having hitscan at 150+ meters.

Thanks for reading and if you disagree, be civil and I'll be happy to discuss. I had alot more to say but my hands are tired and I doubt any of you would want to read more.


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