OFFLINED a lone base way off the other side of the map who I thought ganked me when farming nodes. Ended up Reverse Raiding them.

Logged on the server today and found out I was the only one online (4am PST).

Decided to pay this lone base a visit because I have a huge sus they're the ones who killed me while I was farming nodes.

Got to the base and was so stoked their base was crumbling apart and it was horribly built. FOOK YEAH!

Found 3 sleeping players- names doesn't match the guys who ganked me- the ones who did had clan tags.

But the names were familiar enough because they're very talkative in Gen Chat asking how to questions.

Checked their inventory and loot; I just shook my head- these 3 players looked like they were barely surviving. That's probably why their TC (unlocked- smh again) can barely catch up. Saw 3 badly placed Shotgun Traps- no bullets (smh again).

So I decided to reverse raid them.

Flew back to my base at least 4x– dumped all of my wall-knockers and grabbed as much mats/items as possible to rebuild their base properly and leave enough materials (mostly stones and MS for their TC) for them to survive for at least 2 weeks. Even built them freaking loot shelves, loot boxes, Garage doors, and left the digital locks uncoded.

I had to do it quick because I was afraid that these 3 knuckleheads are going to wake up- i was literally stepping over them to build. Had to constantly remind myself not to lock myself inside their base while rebuilding and upgrading their walls.

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This is where i noticed that if your player is sleeping while holding a flashlight, the flashlight has a faint pulse and it pulses like it's in sync with your player's breathing while asleep. fucking weird and interesting.

reskinned all their boxes, left a couple jackhammers and chainsaw, Thompsons and any guns that takes 9mm bullets (i never use them), and left each of them a coded note only the 3 knuckleheads and I know.

Placed the last wall, upgraded it, and flew back home with a big smile on my face.

Those knuckleheads are in for a surprise when they log back in.

Hopefully they don't gank me with my own weapons. If they do, I'll scream on General Chat "the coded Note" to let them know who I was.

If that doesn't work, it only takes 2 walls to get into their loot room as my insurance. haha.


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