Some advice for strictly solo players.

We all know as solos that we’re severely disadvantaged. Knowing this I did what most solos do for the past year. Play only solo/duo servers with lower pop (50-100). Save yourself some time and don’t do this. I only did this because people keep writing that it’s better/easier for solos. It’s simply not true. The reason these are the worst servers to join are: 1. If it’s a 100 pop solo server, it’s impossibly hard and mostly based on luck. There are essentially 100 groups of players. So what happens is if there is a fight you will get grubbed and then that grub will get grubbed and so on. So winning fights and actually not getting grubbed is mostly based on luck. 2. Harder to snowball. You kill one person that’s it. The fights you have are mostly based off you not getting grubbed. 3. You don’t really get better at the game. I’ve found there exactly two types of solo/duo servers. Over competitive or dead. Either way you don’t get many good fights that will actually improve you pvp wise. 4. Harder to get end game loot/guns.

I’ve recently rediscovered official monthly servers and I LOVE them. Firstly, if you join a week after wipe, you can easily get lucky and find a decayed base with lots of loot. I would say more than half the time, I manage to have a tier 3 a few hours into the wipe. You save so much time this way as a solo. This means you can get end game gear way faster and actually practice pvp. I’ve found loaded decayed bases within 5min of joining a server with enough guns that I don’t need worry about saving for researching or losing. That gives you more exposure to gun pvp than any solo/duo server ever will. The other thing is even if there are more people, there’s less groups. I’ve been playing on 170-210pop servers and they are wayyy easier than 100pop solo servers. There’s also more noobs so it’s easier to snowball off them and win fights. If you understand positioning and sneak up/ambush a group you can easily wipe a duo/trio and take all their loot. Basically all in all it’s way less work since you can find decayed loot, fights are actually more fair since there’s less grubbing, more newbs so it’s easier to win fights, perfect balanced between constant fighting and no action, also there’s really not many big clans, most are 2-3ppl. If there are big clans that means you can sneak into their compound and steal their shit when they’re roaming. Best is when there’s a massive raid, you can literally run up and net yourself a full kit. At the very least wait until it’s over and get the leftovers which for a solo is massive loot.

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