Some useful truths for O.T.V. fans thinking of buying Rust.

Content of the article: "Some useful truths for O.T.V. fans thinking of buying Rust."

This post is not meant to mock the new influx of players/players that are considering purchasing rust because of the recent stream coverage. This post is meant to make them aware of the realities of what Rust is in general, here we go.

For those not already aware O.T.V. is a private server which can only be joined by having an invite. It is not a pre-existing Rust server where the average player has played. That being said the way they conduct themselves on the O.T.V. server is heavily in contrast with how average rust servers are. There is very little and often no RP in rust. People generally do not stop and talk to you before shooting you, nor do they check who you are before shooting you. If you're not on their team they are 99% more likely to instantly engage you than they are to communicate in any other way.

Base building for new players can be tricky, there is a hard side and a soft side of every building block. If you do not know this you should look up a video on it now. If you are to place a single wall with soft side faced out you are likely to be raided within the day at very little cost to the players raiding you. Learn what an airlock is and use it always and always immediately close your doors behind you.

Gun play in Rust is unique and difficult, this is important to know because as stated above, players are going to instantly engage you. The best way to win these types of fights is to be able to return fire as quickly and effectively as possibly. If you can't aim you're unlikely to win. There are many people with thousands of hours in this game that still cannot spray an ak at 50+ meters. If the game still sounds appealing up to this point, i would implore you to practice on a shooting server. Combat tags, la cosa nostra and U.K.N. are all good ones. In the event these are full go to the modded tab on the server list and type in "aim training".

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Rust is a game that takes quite a lot of time. I have many times hopped on a server to drop down a starter base and spent 10 hours getting sidetracked before finally getting off. If you wish to rise to the top in this game during a wipe. You will likely need to spend a lot of time doing it. If you're a person on a tight schedule, I would take time to consider whether you have time for Rust.

This is a game which invokes many emotions especially with regard to new players. The most annoying and common of which is the adrenaline a lot of us get in high stakes gun fights. I have 3600 hours in this game and when I come back after a break of months I still struggle with this. It takes time to lose loot fear, breathe and attempt to force yourself to calm down or this will often end up in your unnecessary demise.

Lastly, there are power in numbers in this game. I have seen pros at this game constantly get killed by people with a much lesser skill level than them simply because they are in a 1v5 fight. Make friends to play with and play with them. It is extremely hard to survive as a solo at any skill level, let alone for a new player with only basic knowledge of the game. r/playrustlfg is where you may be able to find some people.

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This game is one of the most near and dear experiences with virtual worlds a lot of us have ever had. I have been here for 7 years now, I have been playing Rust when tragedy struck in my real life, I have used it to de-stress myself after hard times. I have made friends on here years ago that I consider to be my family who will play any game with me any time. I have taken time off work, skipped events and found myself thinking of this game when I lay down, dreaming of it when I fall asleep and instantly hopping on when I awake. Among many of us there is a strong sense of community as there are no other games I and many others have ever experienced that can invoke the emotions this game makes you feel and the lasting impression it leaves us when we stop for the night. Welcome to our community, I hope you have a good time and find as much pleasure in it as so many of us already have.

If there are any questions I will answer them in the comments.


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