Story of my mechanic shop on a facepunch vanilla server (Pictures)

I came back to Rust after a 1 year break, and a 4 year break before that. I started on a 2x with no bp wipes that I played in the past. I built a first base, but it got raided on the first day. I decided I was going to make a new specific goal. I went to a flat, shallow part in the ocean to make a farm base.

At this point, I have never used electricity, water, etc. I began learning and it became tedious, but after a day or so it clicked and I was able to wire up or farm anything and make good clones. I then decided I wanted to learn all about cars. I made a sweet mechanic shop with 4 usable bays and 1 car lift. I began offering people cars but apparently since it was a 2x, everyone had minis. I did however drive a lot to trade with people across the map. One thing I realized was, cars are extremely effective. They are more common to find than horses, and you can rig up 18-36 storage slots comfortably, and hit 4 monuments and still have storage space. I got bored quick because it was a 2x.

I decided I wanted to see what barebones vanilla was, so I found a server with 30-60 pop. My goal this time was to gain as many connections as possible and gain favor with the big clans to avoid being raided, and it turned out that they all offered me protection. I realized that farming crops as a solo wouldn't be as effective at my goal unless I was efficient with berry farming and making ore yield teas, which I wasn't.

I made my 2×1, and I began working on a car shop. The aesthetic on the outside wasn't ideal, but it got the job done. On the first day I had my car shop set up, and on the 2nd-3rd day I already gave away 11+ free t3 cars. Additionally, everyone knew me as someone who had no goal of pvp or raiding this wipe, so it gave me more credibility in my trade. Additionally, because I had no use for tons of sulfur, I distributed it to the clans I trusted the most.

This set me up for an interesting dynamic. I was dealing with, talking to and gaining information on people who are complete enemies of each other, but they were all cool with me. I had finally reached my goal, If I wanted to, I could have 3 clans come to my shop with minis to defend or just chill.

One of the clans gave me a free t3 bench on the first day, and the other clan gave me 2.5k scrap. The clan that gave me a t3 got bored of the wipe and playfully 'raided' my shop. They surrounded my car garages, and luckily I had a double armored car ready on the lift. I quickly opened the garage, mounted the car and backed out, and the madness ensued. They killed me with a lucky shot through the armored pinhole but they gave me all my gear back and logged off in my base with m2s and aks.

The 5 man clan that gave me 2.5k scrap invited me to help organize their loot after a successful raid against a zerg. They were chill with letting me take screenshots of their base. Their current upkeep is around 500 + 7×20 high qual a day, and around 20k metal frag.

Overall, Rust is a great game if you have a particular goal in mind. Whether it be the car mechanic who gives out free t3 cars to gain favor with everyone on a server, or a berry farmer who makes teas to gain favor, or a solo player who plays in the shadows, or anything you could think of.

The Car Shop on a 2x:

The Car Shop on vanilla:

The 5 man clan base on vanilla:

One of the Chinese clan bases who attempted but were unsuccessful in raiding the 5 man clan base: (right outside outpost)


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