Suggestions to eliminate recent safe zone additions, create better gameplay with cars, boats at Oil/Cargo/Bradly/Raids

Content of the article: "Suggestions to eliminate recent safe zone additions, create better gameplay with cars, boats at Oil/Cargo/Bradly/Raids"

First off, remove car parts, car spawns and create a garage out of outpost to buy cars for cheap and or expensive depending on armored, taxi etc.

Second, Remove Stables and Fishing villages. Make boats craft able, Body, Motor, propellor.-parts at bandit camp. Allow us to craft a saddle, make horses wild but can flea from you if you don’t have a saddle.

It’s obvious they want to keep cars in the game. So why not make it easier for people to acquire them, everybody usually meets at outpost when fresh wipe or starting new, how nice would it be to by a 4 person armored car for 350 scrap. It would eliminate having to resort to wasting 750 scrap on helis, and I think would create more gun play on foot.

Cargo- On any vanilla server you can take cargo as a solo with an m9, few meds and bone knife with ease(prim isn’t a walk in the park but doable.) After clearing all scientist you will most likely have a better gun already from the elite crates and mil crates. Now when waiting for crates, it’s very hard to counter with boats and it’s pretty risky to send a mini in. Make Cargo stop at harbor for a minute, so it can “refuel” or whatever. This would make counters and gameplay at harbor much more enjoyable and profitable. Instead of wasting 200 scrap to hopefully get on the cargo ship, you can try and countering cargo with anything by just hopping on when it’s idle at harbor. I dislike how comfortable it is to take cargo, not worry about counters, and easy to get away with loot.

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The safe zones are really frustrating, especially in higher pop servers where roof camping is unavoidable and you are forced to reposition, I’ve personally been caught trying to sneak away from a base in the dark and I got silenced through the trees from fishing village. Now that there are an abundance of safe zones, it’s very easy now to scoot away in the dark and find ur way to safe zones and wait for day. You can hop off cargo, oil with rib loaded with stuff and sit in fishing village waiting for group to pick you up in heli. Let’s be honest the best loot lies either within the ocean (cargo or small/large oil) or at launch site/attack heli. So let’s make it easier to acquire cars so people can counter Bradley and secure raids, and have boats more easily made so you there are more counters/ people trying to take oil/cargo.


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