Vertiigo is right about this game

I seen Vertiigo's most recent video earlier. His reasons for not being in love with rust anymore and I agree. I've had this game since late 2013 and i've got over 3700 hours in the game. There is no unique fun in this game anymore. It's a competitive FPS with little to no communication between players other than shit talking in global. I was reminded of the way Rust is now moments ago. I logged into a 2.5x server to play an hour before I board a flight. I got my started building kit and began to build a base outside supermarket. An mp5 dude without saying anything shoots down a remaining thatch walls and downs me, he then runs up checks my inventory and finishes me. For what? To take joy in ruining someones fun playing the game? Maybe he needed my left over 700 stone and 1100 wood? Why exactly do people play like this? I genuinely don't understand it, people used to communicate. There used to be a charm to this game but every server i've ever joined in the past 3 years has had the majority of people acting like this. Whether there is any benefit or not, whether you are in any danger or not, whether the person is even coming towards you with a rock. You kill them, genuinely why? Maybe i'm just getting old and Rust has outgrown me but it has the mechanics to be such a good game, and it was in the past. I still try to talk to people every now and then, I even hold off firing after someone has shot at me sometimes to announce that i'm friendly to see if maybe the situation can change. I'm great at PVP I don't have to do this or shy away from any of it. But I have experienced a deeper experience within this game, that just doesn't seem like it exists anymore. There is so much more to this game than just getting everything before everyone else, rushing rig with compounds and getting the first AK on wipe day. More than taking adderall and staying up at low pop hours to farm sulfur as if it's your job. Maybe i'm out of touch, maybe communication and making friends is something this game is out of reach of now.

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-An old player


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