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10 Beginner tips for all to see. More tips coming soon!

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I've posted this a few times in different comment sections but I decided to make a more comprehensive post here about "How not to get sunk while solo on a sloop on the weekend"

  1. NEVER ANCHOR. Anchors are for storms and U-turns (180 degree turns). That's it. If you anchor for any other reason, you will get sunk while trying to lift it.
  2. Park by raising your sails and stop the boat with the harpoon by shooting it down and behind as much as possible. Right click pulls the harpoon (and the boat with it) and R locks the harpoon. This can also be used to make tight turns around rocks in the sea or near islands / forts (by using the towers around them or the ground).
  3. Subsequently, park your ship nose in a way that makes it easy for you to leave the island / outpost quickly without needing to turn or maneuver. Just lower the sails and you're on your way.
  4. Doing world events while solo is very very difficult. I generally don't do it unless I've already seen 2 or 3 friendly ships on the server (friendly as in didn't immediately start chasing me down). For the specific world events:

Skeleton Fort: Check the horizon between each skeleton wave. During the boss fight, bring the boss to your ship and kill him with cannon-balls / sniper shots. It's way faster with cannon-shots, a little slower with sniper fire but overall you're already on your ship ready to fight or leave. If you're going to do the boss on the island, bring a blunderbuss with you. It's harder to deal with the Skeleton Bombers but it's incredibly faster to kill the boss.

Tornado: The boss is fairly quick to clear with a blunderbuss and a sword. Try to fight near the ammo box (there's always an ammo box near the boss somewhere). Leave the ship in a place where you can see it but it won't get damaged by the meteor shower on phase 3. Whenever you have a moment check the horizon, but it can be pretty difficult on some islands to see anything. This boss should not take longer than 15-20 minutes to clear solo. If you die, IMMEDIATELY leave the ship or the boss will start nuking the hell out of you and you'll be stuck doing repairs forever.

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Fireheart Ghost Armada: I would not recommend doing this event solo on a sloop, but if you do, be prepared for a very long fight. Don't count on the resources that drop from the ghost-ships. Go in with at least 100-150 cannonballs, about 80-100 wood and enough food to get you through the "shit's on fire yo" phase. Raise your sails half-way or more and just wait for them to come to you. Don't shoot at uncomfortable distances (thus wasting your resources). If you get caught by the Boss or the Captains sailing past you with all cannons aimed at you, turn your ship so that the back faces their cannons. This way the damage is significantly mitigated as the 6 holes in the back can be left unattended for some time without much water pouring in. Listen for Flame-heart's voice queues:

If a ship returns to flameheart. Maybe they sailed past and are now coming back:

" • Back for more? As you wish…

• You've returned! How stubborn you are. "

If a ship joins the fight:

"A ship approaches"

If a ship that's in an alliance joins:

"An alliance? Against me?"

This will tell you if a second or third ship joins the fight while you're doing it. Also fight with an Alliance flag up. Sometimes ships will accept the alliance and help you clear it.

Battle for the Sea of Thieves (aka Skeleton Galleon in the sky): I absolutely do not recommend this solo but again, same story as with the Flameheart. Get enough resources ready to clear the event without relying on resource crates. For sinking these ships, when dealing with a galleon shoot under the water line (1/3 of the ship is under the water). Don't waste your shots hitting the mid-part of the ship. Setting the deck on fire can help kill some of the skeletons that are using the cannons. Loot every ship that you sink. Be prepared to leave if another ship joins. Maybe you're lucky and the skelly galleon will shoot them, maybe you're unlucky and everyone shoots at you. It's better to leave with the loot that you got so far and call it a day.

  1. Sail with an Alliance flag up. I can't tell you the number of times a random ship sailed past and accepted the alliance, then went on it's way. Even though there's no guarantee they won't sink you later, at least you know where they are on your map table. Sometimes ships will come to the world event, accept the alliance, help you clear then split the loot. I've done that myself a number of times.

  2. Be wary but don't be a coward. Sometimes you just have to take the fight or at least fire a few shots to slow them down. Chainshots are your best friend, if you can get a good angle to bring down their mast, that's a solid 30-90 seconds of sail time where they can't chase you.

  3. Learn to adjust your sails. When going against the wind, always have your sails perpendicular (against) to the wind on any ship. The sloop is the fastest ship against the wind, nothing will catch up to you. Maneuver around rocks, islands, whatever you can to get your ship safely against the wind and just keep on sailing. Eventually they will give up. If they don't then they're noobs and you can probably sink them yourself. No "pro" PvP-er will chase a sloop against the wind.

  4. Boarders and a downed mast are your worst enemy. Look for sirens in the water and listen for the splashing sound that someone makes when coming out of the water. Protect your ladders with a sword lunge (charged sword), with a blunderbuss shot to the face when they're high enough or with a blunder-bomb to knock them off (be careful not to knock yourself off). I generally prefer a Sniper / Blunderbuss combo in PvP but all weapons are usable. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LET THEM ON YOUR SHIP. The first thing they will do is drop your anchor. If your anchor is dropped solo on a sloop, you're about as good as dead unless you somehow manage to kill all of their crew and your ship does not already have 5 holes in it.

  5. Go on the community discord, there are a lot of friendly players you can queue up with and be in voice chat immediately. People are also less like to grief and troll as a little video evidence can get them banned from the discord server.

  6. Don't waste your time typing in chat. Use your voice-comms to tell them that you're friendly , etc. but your hands should be working on the ship. Or use the existing phrases in the chat-wheel.

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