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A bunch of ship customization ideas i have come up with (long)

While I was sleeping I had a dream, in this dream I saw a lot of ship customization options, I than woke up and instantly wrote them all down and how they could be added to the game.

To note, I doubt any of this will be added, but i thought there was no harm in throwing it out there in case the developers happen to want to read this.

Lets start with some smaller customization options, and work our way up.

Railings, on the ships there is railing in certain spots, the railings already change to what ship skin you are using at the time, but with my idea, you can change to multiple designs of railing, (broken, decorated, ECT) the color of the railing would stay the same as your ship, with some minor changes to its physical design.

Water barrel and oven design, i honest am unsure as to what these would look like, but like the railings im sure there would be fancier looking designs or broken looking designs (think bilge rat)

Barrel designs in general, works the same way as the railings and oven, not much change other than physical design.

Galleon plank design. This would be a customization that only works on the galleon, same as the other two and would only be physically changed.

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Ship lantern design, (same as the other two and only changes its look)

These options would be significantly cheaper than the base game customizations, as they are small and do not change much about the ship unless you are on board the ship.

Medium changes, these would be still cheaper than the current customizations but more expensive than the small items.

Rope design not terribly different from the small items, would have mossy gross looking ropes, fancy looking ropes and a fun idea chain ropes (not realistic at all but it would look cool)

Ship name, Not sure if this would cost anything but on the galleon specifically there is a position for what looks like a ship name plate, but no name, if added to all ships it would be cool to either pay (or be free) to give your ship a name. maybe if you were reaper it would show your ships name when hovering over it in the map.

Ship Jail design, all ships in game have the jail and it would be nice to change the look, or color of the bars. not much more to add.

harpoon design, not quite a cannon but like other objects would only change the look of the harpoon, but would stay your ship color.

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Floor design, able to change the look of the planks (broken, fancy ect)

Other misc decorations, this would include bottles of rum, other types of decoration,

Map table design, this could possibly go in the next section as well, but it explains its self.

Large items, these would be on the same level with the price and size current ship customizations or maybe more

Mast design, keeps ship color, changes physical design of mast.

Captains quarters customization, this would be a pricey one. Changes the captains quarters layout, look, decorations, want a captains quarters full of piles of coins? or a more distinguished look? or possibly full of empty rum bottles and to look trashy? this would be a large option and some options would be more expensive than others, (This would really only work on galleon and brig)

Rowboat design, This would work differently. you would select the rowboat design where you normally select ship customizations but it would not take effect immediately. all rowboats will look like normal rowboats until you get in the rowboat and attach it to your ship, where it will automatically change to your selected design.

Im essentially out of ideas, this is what i could come up with, sorry for any spelling mistakes or failure to explain something in detail, comment any other ideas or mistakes i made, or if you just need context. thanks!

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