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A change in the market- consequences and value ideas

Content of the article: "A change in the market- consequences and value ideas"

So I haven’t seen many posts on this specific idea as of lately but I acknowledge I’m probably not the first.

Onto topic- we all are aware how useless money is becoming in-game. I personally have set out to buy every cosmetic just cause and because of that I don’t have this large surplus like some, but there’s a lot who only buy what they use. To each their own.

However, it’s undeniable how super easy to obtain gold and to a lesser extent, doubloons if you’re trying. This is why I do not see many issues with this idea

How would you feel if you had a gold penalty to having your ship sunk? Like say 1-5k for the current market for sloops, and it could depend on how you get sunk. So say, it’s your fault (since this is the hardest way), 5k lost. It’s a world event or enemy including megs, ships, and Kraken, 3k lost. Another crew? 2k (since it’s most probable). Maybe 1.5k for environmental loss (eruptions, storms, Red Sea) 1k for kegs not caused by another crew (say you ran over one in the water or harpooned one wrong) and maybe only 500 for scuttling. This would also be dependent on ship type too greater sum for galleons and lesser for sloops since with more crew members it SHOULD be harder to sink.

Personally- I do not see this as much of a loss. 3k is super easy to re-obtain even in terms of solo sloops. I mean, seriously just grab a vault voyage and have at it. With bigger crews, I mean cmon we all see those loot haul posts claiming 300k in a session.

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But, for people pressed to get some cosmetics this would put incentive to engage PvP or generally get better at PvE strategy.

But here’s the addition- add new desirable market items but significantly raise the prices so that there’s a desire to get these and a bigger need to get the money for them. I’m talking ship sets and clothing that amount to the price of the Scurvy Bilge Ray sets. (Seriously though- Why is this?? The set seems hardly that special) To those who haven’t noticed, these are way more expensive than any other sets. For example, the primary ship parts like sails hull and figurehead are 140k vs the normal 49k. Clothing, Weapons, and Equipment are all more expensive too.

Point is, a a grand new variety of sets that uses these amounts or go with the initial 70k and up. So now you have more incentives to spend/save which means not wanting to lose such precious gold in sinking.

Yes there are those of you who could probably immediately afford this given your current savings, but that doesn’t mean everyone could. And yes there is the issue of griefers from open crew but the way this could be set up would make it the hardest to sink yourself and honestly a risk of OC. Solo sloopers can still easily gain back this money or for better it could give people a push to learn to upkeep and fight back with their ship. There would be no reward to actually sinking another ship as you’re basically already gaining their loot, so I don’t see this increasing PvP only just adding a twist to what’s already in game.

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Let me know your thoughts or feel free to add some of your own! I’m prepared for some hate haha.


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