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A series of unfortunate events just wasted my entire evening and now I’m sad

Content of the article: "A series of unfortunate events just wasted my entire evening and now I’m sad"

So today a couple of my friends and I achieved a bunch of things we haven't yet and it was going great. First time reaching Grade 3 emissary, first time reaching Grade 4 emissary, first time reaching Grade 5 emissary, getting trolled and rekt by legends without them actually going the full length and destroying everything we have, accepting the emissary quest, and running our first vault.

We did the free vault offered by Larraine since none of us are Gold Hoarder 25 yet and successfully got all the chests and medallions and such out of the vault (skipped the puzzle since we didn't care for a weird sail), but once we got all the stuff onto a rowboat and then onto our Brig, one of our guys had to leave since it was late. He just afk'd below deck as normal when this happens so he could still get the reward. We were just heading straight for an outpost when a fuckin skeleton ship came out of the water, and then a megalodon came from behind us. We got thrown completely off course from Mermaid's Hideaway to Golden Sands since as only two crew who both suck at combat we alternated between repairing and shooting cannonballs that did absolutely fuck all. We ended up so far off course that the Reaper's Hideout banner came up and a whole ass other megalodon decided it was time to chase. We actually went between the islands of (I think?) the Reaper's Hideout but since we were still rapidly sinking and the skeleton ship wasn't really distancing away from the island I didn't want to just park there and hope it circled around since I don't have any experience with the skeleton ships actually doing the circling thing. A few minutes later we ran out of food, died by cannon fire, and respawned at a new ship.

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I searched for two hours for the loot all around the area. When we actually went down we were in the middle of fuck knows where – I was aiming for the nearest what looked like outpost from the amount of lanterns in the dark. I now know that I was actually aiming for is not on the map and I still dunno what it is. Looks like Plunder Outpost but taller and skinnier and has a ship bow sticking out the side. Anyways, we lost all the loot we collected both in the vault and around the island/area – however many nearly 20 chests that were in the vault, half dozen random trinkets, couple merchant crates and half dozen skulls – as well as our once in never emissary grade and turn-in value. Obviously for all of you who have legend status and hop onto ships and one shot everyone while doing 360s it doesn't sound like anything much but we had a pretty great streak going for new players who also just generally suck at these types of games and never win ship battles – until a ship came to battle.

Anyways, I'm now sitting at an outpost staying just active enough to not get kicked until someone wakes up so I don't end up trying to solo the emissary quest and losing all the loot the same way or worse. Been boarded, killed, and then sunk by players while just sitting here three times by now, so the streak is going great. Yay.


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