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A story I must share because I’m baffled!

Content of the article: "A story I must share because I’m baffled!"

Me and a mate just finished some tall tales and hunter's call commendations. We sold most of our loot and he hopped off. Since I found flameheart loot and a full storage chest on an outpost a few days ago that somebody clearly left there as a present (thank you btw kind stranger), I thought it would be a nice gesture to do sth similar. So I spent like some time packing everything on board into a storage chest and just as I'm finished I see a sloop sail by in a short distance.

I take course on the sloop and announce that I'm about to log off and put all of my stuff in a storage crate and ask if they want to have it via the speaking trumpet. As they don't respond I sail closer and they turn and try to sail away from me. A boarding attempt fails, as they missed the ladder. I speak to them again: " I promise it's not a trick, you can look into the chest and see for yourself."

The boarder is coming another time, this time he makes it onto the boat. I stand there carrying the storage chest. I drop it infront of him and start an emote, but he just draws his blunderbuss and oneshots me. I'm thinking okay, he was probably paranoid, so I get that he killed me. I respawn and to my surprise he didn't bother with the chest until now. I tell him again: " No need to kill me, just look into the storage chest and take it, it's for you!" He tries to kill me again and I just ask "Why are you doing this mate?", while I get flung off my ship by a lunge. I swim towards the mermaid and load back onto my ship, just to find, that he dropped the chest off my ship, and tped back to his ship. I tried to find it afterwards, but couldn't so all of the rescources were gone.

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Why am I writing all of this? Because it's okay to be paranoid, but sometimes people just want to be nice, even in this game! Give people a chance to do something good for ya from time to time!



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