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A story of fear from a relatively new player

Content of the article: "A story of fear from a relatively new player"

So this happened last night to my friend and I on our sloop journey. My friend, let's call him M, and I were just casually doing a gold vault, and hitting up shipwrecks and such on the way. Not really into pvp we tend to avoid other player ships like the plague, and just do our own thing instead. We check the map frequently for Reaper ships in our area, and this particular play session we don't see one, we feel a sense of calm and continue our sailing.

Now while we avoid pvp, I'm always down for pve, as I do want to get better at it, and so any skele ship I see I fight. M doesn't really want to but goes along with it, and over the course of this session we sink 2 skele sloops. That's a good night for us, please don't laugh at the simplicity of what I just said. We have a gold vault worth of loot, 2 skele ships worth, and several mermaid gems, mostly red. We had just hit emissary 5 for gold hoarders and my friend wants to sell, I agree and we are off to plunder outpost.

'cant tell if that's a player or skele' M tells me. I look and it is a skele sloop again between us and the outpost. I say might as well fight it and though reluctant again he agrees. We spend a few minutes fighting and as it sinks I go below deck to get food and wait for the treasure to pop.up.

This is where things get crazy. The server decides now is a good time to merge, and when it is finally done we both head to top deck, to a frightening sight. A full Galleon crew is broadside off our port, with more treasure in between their ship and ours than I would have thought, and more shit in our pants than we would like. M and I say almost in unison 'Nope!' We drop sails and bail, they can have the loot.

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We make it to an outpost, and as we park we see the Galleon headed our way, and fear has struck once again. We desperately try to sell fast but get an invite. We join and hear their side of it. Apparently they had just finished FoTD and on their way to sell they take down a skele Galleon in the same exact spot as our skele sloop. What are the odds! We alliance with them and both ships are selling everything, until yet another scary sight appears.

A Reapers 5 sloop is headed our way, which the Galleon crew shrugged off but we freaked out about. We try to offer alliance to them to no avail and they start attacking the Galleon crew. M and I hatch a plan to swim our 2 kegs and blow this sloop to kingdom come. We manage to do so and think this is the end of the sloop. As I return from the ferry however, I notice this sloop is still afloat, and have managed to sink the Galleon, and kill all but one of them, so now we have to 1 on 1 a sloop that just did the impossible. We have sold everything by this point and vote our flag down before opening fire on this sloop.

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Now I will say that I put 15 more shots into the side of this sloop, with one of its members on shore, and it's still not going down. M joins the Galleons last man on the beach, who kills them both, and turns his attention to me, boards my ship while I'm fighting his, and kills me instantly. Our ship was sank, our alliance destroyed, and this sloop crew victorious.

If you are the Reaper 5 sloop crew who managed this much damage I applaud you on your victory, and will be working to become half that good at pvp one day.


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