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A tale of a group of noobs who stole a fort key not knowing what it was.

Content of the article: "A tale of a group of noobs who stole a fort key not knowing what it was."

So this past weekend my friends and I decided to load up SoT and do a 4 person Galleon. I'd say we're fairly new at the game. I've done one of the tall tales the other 3 haven't done any, we've never done any big world events and I think we've killed one kraken. One of my friends is particularly new as in this same night he inquired as to how he can pull out his water bucket. To further elaborate I don't think any of us have a single faction over level 30. So that should give you an idea of our general level of experience.

Anyways we like to fly the reapers emissary. As casual players we don't really care about min maxing anything and we find going with that faction that you can pretty much just sail around grab things and kill people and then turn everything into one vendor which is pretty nice. I also have the theory that most people don't realize how bad we are and so that flying reapers in a galleon can be intimidating. I could be wrong on that, again I'm a noob.

So we are sailing around doing just that, mostly PvE quests leveling up the emissary flag, one sloop came across our path of which we quickly destroyed. We decide after we hit level 4 and have a good amount of items in our boat to go cash it in and then just sail around trying to fight people. On our way back to reapers hideout we notice a big shadow skull in the sky with red eyes. Not knowing what it was and having been killed by skeleton fleets before I advise the crew to avoid it for now and we can check it out after we turn in our gear at the hideout. So we proceed to do just that.

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So as we are sailing back towards the fort we come across a brig and we attack it. We know we have an advantage, not just because we have more firepower. But one of my friends heard their crew beg them to avoid us so they could just turn in. Evidently they were in disagreement and they ended up fighting us and losing. As we are finishing the battle one of the guys swims up to us begging us to let them live and that they have some fort key. Not knowing what he was talking about we kill him and soon realize one of the things we picked up was the key he was talking about.

So I pull up google and search to see what the key is used for. We find out its for fort of the damned and continue to sail over there. We find the vault and take the loot (well not all of it one of my buddies was curious as to how big the big crates of gunpowder explode so those got blown up, he learned the explosions are quite big). During the time we were looting we got attacked by a galleon which we defeated.

We noticed another boat coming so we hurry up finish looting and head back towards reapers with our flag now at level 5. We notice in the distance there is a ship chasing us. We turn in most of the loot and end up killing the arriving brig. Soon another galleon has arrived at this point we had pretty much sold everything and so while taking damage we opt to turn in our emissary flag and skuttle the ship.

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All of this to say we brought in the largest haul our noob asses have ever taken. I'm pretty sure we were lucky as hell to be the right spots at the right time.

The one thing that I'm puzzled with having never done the fort quest is why we found a boat with the key in open water versus looting the island that it comes from. Did they steal it? I just don't know why if you looted the key you wouldn't be at the island looting the vault. So maybe those of you with more experience could speculate on that for me.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed the long winded story. I know my crew and I enjoyed experiencing it.


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