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A Tale Of Stupid Audacity In The Sea Of Cheese That Turned Into A Grand Alliance

Content of the article: "A Tale Of Stupid Audacity In The Sea Of Cheese That Turned Into A Grand Alliance"

This recounting will be just a wee bit long and therefore will be far too complex to host a TLDR, but I will still do my best with one at the bottom. But for those that wish to read, this shall be a multiple chapter story of our grand adventure.

As a prologue to this story, I must preface that for the first six hours of the day I had been solo sailing doing vaults with a gold hoarders emissary flag, of which I lost everything when my internet cut out, twice… So by the time of mid afternoon when I got a new goddamn modem, I was just a wee bit salty and non-caring.

Flying my flag, as I setoff from port, I realized that there was a tier 5 reaper sailing around in the direction of which I had to venture, but I did not care and charged forward regardless, doing two vaults. More than a few times they were just an island or two away from me, but did not harass me to kingdom come or even venture closer towards me.

The reason why I found out later. But as I neared the end of my third vault, my buddy hopped on with the information that a reaper was near and that I did not care whatsoever. We finished up our third vault and ventured out to start the fourth with a quest he had in his inventory. However, the closer we followed the compass the faster we realized that we were heading right towards the reapers.

Luckily though, they turned away and started sailing in a different direction… wrong. The sailed away long enough for us to stop worrying, before turning around and coming back at us. We noticed this predicament, but as I no longer cared about anything, we both sailed directly at them as they sailed directly at us. They on a galleon, us on a brig.

We quite literally combine sails we get so close to one another, but as I came to find out later, the single reason they did not fire upon us was because the angle was wrong and that they hard started to turn around. I, however, did not know this and was just like "Oh hey, they're cool, fire me over on a cannon so I can go say hi and see if they're nice"

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The cannon bugged though as I was launched, so I only flew straight up. Watching as my friend sailed away and me being stuck in the perilous water and still morbidly curious, I pulled out the megaphone and began swimming towards them saying "Hello, we're cool, I just wanna swim over and see if you guys are cool as well. I promise I'm nice… Please slow down"

And to my surprise they had actually dropped anchor, allowing me to climb the ladder and board their ship. I did not get immediately gunned down, nor did I gun them down. Instead we began to have a discussion whereas they explained to me the only reason they did not kill me when my emissary was level two was because they wanted me to get fatter and that they were at the wrong angle just now to shoot.

Whether it be my stupidity that won them over or me sheer audacity to swim over saying hello, we entered a pirate alliance after more words were exchanged. We got two map fragment on our island and then I received a message on the xbox app, a warning some could say.

Seeing a chance at free loot, we both instantly headed off to where their reaper chest was floating among the water. To our surprise they had spawned nearby and were already almost back by the time we got there, however there were still a few players remaining, shoveling chests onto a dingy.

From that point on, it was the most intense fight I had ever been in on Sea Of Thieves, albeit I've only been playing for about a month now. Their ship returned whilst we were fighting, but two more ships had rolled up on us and began firing. Two brigs it was that rolled up on us if I can remember correctly, three people on each ship however.

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Cannons were fired, cursed bombs were used, flames ablaze and spawn camping ensued. However after an adrenaline pumping fight we had come out victorious, those two ships had gotten sunk and not come back. Most of the loot had fallen down to the bottom of the sea, but we had won. We received major thanks from our ally for assisting them in their time of need and all decided to hop into a discord call to continue on our adventures.

Taking a quick pitstop, our allies got a new flag whilst my buddy turned in their fallen flag he managed to salvage amongst the chaos of the previous fight. I myself ventured to plunder outpost and started offloading loot, but as I began selling we noticed our allies not gaining anything extra, so I waited and when they got to the island, we created a train of chests towards the gold hoarders, our allies picking up every piece of loot and dropping it so that they got a share.

By the time we were done, they were already a tier 4 reaper emissary again. For the rest of the night we sailed together, doing vaults and emissary quests, us both sharing the loot with one another as we clean swept every vault as a group of six. Although we did not end the night with a massive amount of loot, we did manage to get the biggest haul I've ever had in this game to date as well as have an amazing time.

Picture is from my pirate legend buddy.

All treasure chests were filled with gems and trinkets. The dock hosting over a hundred chests, many of them captains, this was merely what we managed to gather from the last few tombs we did together. Splitting up the loot, we created a train to the gold hoarders once again and turned in everything.

After which, both me and my buddy had to sleep for work, so we hosted a grand farewell to our ship in a rather glorious way.

Blowing our ship to kingdom come, we watched as she sank and played a tune for her grand assistance we had tonight. Collecting our flag, we dropped it on our table and headed to the tavern for one final picture together.

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Downing a grog, we all laughed and ended our night like all pirates should. A new player, one not with us or them joined us in the tavern to drink and laugh along with us.

This story may not be great or grand compared to many others on here, but it is our story of a wonderful night that I shall remember forever. Thank ya Rare for creating this game and putting so much work into it, that allowed us all to meet and create eternal friendships.

TL;DR: Met a tier 5 reaper that stayed cool with us, won an epic battle and ventured for hours together.


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