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“Battle of the Bones” Update Idea

Content of the article: "“Battle of the Bones” Update Idea"

Lore: With the failure of the shadows of fate to summon Greymarrow to face Flameheart, the skeletons have called apon their king to face the ever growing threat.

Gameplay: This will be a new, rare world event where you and your crew face off against The Skeleton King.

The Battle of the Bones Event: This event will have a rare chance to pop up across the map. (All current events, ghost fleet, ashen winds, forts, ect, have the same chance to spawn, this event will be significantly rarer.) The event can only spawn at Plunder Valley, Smugglers Bay, and Old Faithful Isle. This event will have 3 stages.

Stage 1: When you arrive at the event you will be greeted by 3 to 5 skeleton ships, ranging from sloops to galleons, depending on what ship you are on. (You cannot progress the event until you sink these foes.)

Stage 2: This stage makes you fight through massive hordes of skeletons that have been ordered to protect their king. These skeletons will spawn in strategic locations around the island. They can be normal, gold, plant, and shadow skeletons. (All of these must also be defeated before moving to the boss.)

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Stage 3: The fight with The Skeleton King will be challenging. Visualy, he will be twice the player's height, and be adorned with tresure and weapons. He will be similar to an Ashen Lord, where he will go through 5 stages. Each stage will get exponentially more difficult as the fight progresses. His first stage will be similar to a skeleton lord, and his final stage will put The Gold Hoarder to shame. His abilities include:

Blunderbomb toss. Eye of reach (only used at range.) Blunderbuss, flintlock, sword. Skeleton summon. Cannon (he will pull a cannon out of the ground, put it over his shoulder, and fire it once.) Ground pound (jumps high into the air, and comes down with the force of a gunpowder barrel.) Earthquake (similar to earthquakes in the devils roar, but cracks appear in the ground that you can fall into.)

Loot: Apon death, The Skeleton King will drop 2 things 1. A big skull that will sell for 10,000 to 15,000 2. A key

The key will have a clue on it that will lead you to a door that will only appear once the event is active. This door leads to a tunnel full of traps. (Similar to the shores of gold, but much shorter.) Once you have passed the traps you can open the treasure room.

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Treasure room loot: The Skeleton King's chest: A massive chest that is so big it will slow down your pirate's movement speed significantly. Will sell for 50,000 to 75,000.

Around 10 stronghold skulls.

Around 10 stronghold chests.

Around 10 crates of bone dust.

Around 10 stronghold gunpower barrels.

An assortment of other loot.

Comendations: Complete the event once. (Gives a cool Skeleton King themed costume.) Complete the event in an alliance. Complete the event 5 times. (Gives the skeletal curse.) Sell 3 Skeleton King skulls. (Slayer of the Skeletal King title.) Sell 3 Skeleton King's chests. (Hoarder of Boned Gold title.)

Other stuff: Periods of calm and rough water. Ability to favorite cosmetics. Increased event chance during the first week.

Explanation: Honestly this idea just popped into my head, and I wrote it down. Let me know what you guys think, and what you would change. : )


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