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Chum bucket that attracts sharks and coats enemy players.

Content of the article: "Chum bucket that attracts sharks and coats enemy players."

Before an expected fight with another ship, fill your bucket with water and use a menu prompt to use a raw fish in your inventory on the bucket, kinda like the menu interaction between the fishing rod and bait.

Then when someone tries to board (or successfully boards) your ship, toss the chum bucket on them. It should have a visual effect similar to being splashed with a bucket of puke but not as intense. Then if they get knocked off the ship or jump off mid-fight so they can heal, a shark spawns very close by.

You could also alternativly make a shark spawn very closeby whenever any enemy player in that area gets splashed with a bucket. That way the shark is already in the water for when they get knocked off or jump off. But the spawned shark would prioritize attacking the chum-covered player.

If you throw your chum into the sea directly, there should be a percent chance that a shark spawns and sticks around for a while, with more buckets increasing the chance. This would be good for when your ship is anchored and you think maybe someone has begun swimming to your ship. Or if you just want to kill sharks for the meat or Hunter's call.

It shouldn't spawn a shark if someone splashes a crew mate because this could be exploited for farming sharks.

I think this would add a cool additional level to ship combat and protecting your ship from boarders. If you were covered in chum upon boarding a ship you would need to commit more to the fight and try to heal onboard while fighting rather than jumping off and healing relatively safely.

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Hell you could even have a sort of chum ball that makes sharks follow the ship that is struck for a little while, attacking any players that jump off or get knocked off. Then there is more danger to being knocked off by a canon ball instead of just "damn I gotta wait for the merm to spawn".

Maybe if you make a bucket of chum using a particular super rare fish there's a chance to summon the meg too?


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