Sea of Thieves

Compendium of Sunken Kingdom journals (Spoilers!)

Welp, I couldn't find it, so I made it. Here's the text from all 31 journals located in the new Sunken Kingdom shrines.

Disclaimer: There may be typos. Also, I realize Sunken Kingdom isn't *officially* a tall tale, but that's the most fitting flair available, in my opinion.

Shout out to Captain Jarrett on youtube for

, which I got Rare'd 3 times in a row trying to transcribe.

Shrine of the Coral Tomb

Author: Bel

1. Seashell Earring

I’ve come across many strange and interesting items in my time, but none stranger and more interesting than the seashell earring.

I found what I took to be a run-of-the-mill seashell in a rockpool that turned out to be an earring. How odd, I mused out loud, as I inspected it more closely.

The sound of my voice triggered the earring and I heard the song of the merfolk, telling me to meet them. Which I did.

They explained everything to me, and my eyes were opened to the world of possibilities that awaited me, deep beneath the ocean waves

2. Hidden Kingdom

I know of the merfolk, what pirate doesn’t? But I knew nothing of their history or culture. The earring gave me a glimpse into that world, and I wanted to see more.

So I started to explore. I discovered shrines and an entire underwater kingdom filled with a type of merfolk I had never seen before, who all seemed to be sleeping.

Something about their kingdom told me I was glad they were asleep and as I went deeper, I started to discover the story of how they came to be.

Although this new race of merfolk were created by the strength of one couple’s love, this tale did not have a happy ending

3. The Sea Queen and her Warrior

There was once an ancient Warrior who fell in love with a Sea Queen of the merfolk. Their love was all-consuming and neither could imagine life without the other.

As time went by, they began to search for a way to bridge the gap between their two worlds.

The Warrior met resistance from his people, but the merfolk possessed stones that could hold powerful magic and the Sea Queen believed it was these that would bring them together.

The merfolk elders warned her that their kind were forbidden to use magic to turn humans into merfolk.

But the Warrior and the Sea Queen believed their love was strong enough to survive the consequences for breaking the sacred rules of her people. So she used a Mermaid Gem to turn him.

4. The Whispering Plague

Though the transformation was successful, it came at a terrible cost… it unleashed a curse that robbed the Queen and her court of their song.

Now, a merfolk’s song is so much more than a pretty tune. It is part of who they are, their soul and their collective memory.

Without their song, these merfolk became something else, something twisted and dark; the sleeping merfolk I had seen on my adventures. This new branch became known as the Sirens.

The curse that tore their song from them became known as the Whispering Plague, robbing them of who they were and leaving only darkness.

5. The Sunken Kingdom

As I’ve explored further into ‘The Sunken Kingdom’ (it’s a great name, isn’t it? I’m pretty pleased with myself, not going to lie) I’ve discovered more about the Sirens.

Take this place for example. I’m pretty sure it’s some sort of tomb. The Sirens seem to have taken death, and honouring the dead, very seriously.

The pool in the ventre contains offerings to those who have passed, and there seem to have been a fair few of them.

The Sirens were at war with everyone, the Ancients and the merfolk. The rage of the Queen filled all her kind, and they took every opportunity to inflict pain on others.

Creating a kingdom from the ruins of anything they could drag down from the world above.

Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune

Author: Yenay

1. Your Beautiful World

I have found it, my love, a little more scarred and world-weary than when I set out, but I have discovered the Shrine of Ocean’s Fortune.

You would not believe the riches held down here. I have never seen such beauty and splendour, your world is truly beautiful.

And yet, all I can think about is the cold indifference of eyes that were once so kind. Your eyes.

I will find a way to reverse what has happened to you, even if I have to search every inch of this shrine and examine every trinket and coin.

I will look into your eyes and see the warmth returned; I swear to you.

2. I’m Close, I Can Feel It

It seems the Ancients feared the Sirens, but not for the same reasons we do today. They feared that they impacted the balance of something within the Sea of Thieves, something that they held dear.

They seemed to think that the heart of this problem was someone called the Sea King. The magic that turned him into a Siren was forbidden, and released a curse on the Sea Queen (his lover) and all her court.

This Curse became known as The Whispering Plague and caused them all to forget who and what they had been, perhaps a blessing in disguise?

The Ancients sought a way to minimise the effect of this imbalance by binding the Sea King forever.

3. Love Is Stronger Than Hate

I don’t understand it, my love. Why would the Sea King return to his people?! He must have known they hated and feared him? Why would he risk his life to seek peace?

Perhaps, like me, he believed his love was stronger than any curse, even hatred.

I wish I could tell you he was right, but what they did to him was terrible. They lured him, under a banner of peace, to a sacred place and they chained him there; but he was too strong for them.

He broke free, and they murdered him. Using binding magic, they bound his soul into a specially crafted chest, his bones scattered carelessly around it.

This chest would be his eternal testing place. Forever weeping for the evils done to him and for the loss of his beloved queen.

4. I Have Failed You

The Sea Queen’s grief was all-consuming. But she did not weep and tear her hair, she turned her grief into brutal revenge.

She, and her kind, swore that no land-dweller would safely cross the seas ever again. Any boat, craft, anything that entered the waters was dragged below.

Their bodies sent to be transformed inside Mermaid Statues and their treasures added to these very halls by the Ocean Crawlers

This place is littered with figureheads, capstans, and all sorts of trophies taken from sunken ships.

Though I have searched everywhere, I have failed to find the fabled magical item I hoped would return you to me, but I have not lost hope. I might not have an item, but I do have a plan.

5. Do Not Give Up Hope

My dearest love, the plan I spoke of may take some time, so I need you to be patient.

I will find the heart of the Sunken Kingdom and beseech the Sea Queen to return you to me.

Having learned her story, I know she will understand my pain. Perhaps she is the only one who truly can.

By reuniting us, love will triumph over hate and I can’t help but feel that is the ending she wanted for her own story.

Shrine of Tribute

Author: Sudds

1. Shrine of Tribute

Tribute, an interesting word. Respect, admiration, both are shown in acts of tribute.

This is a place of tribute, but for whom?

Ancestors, those that pass on? Did the Ancients believe they could speak to those on the other side?

Must discover more. Explore every nook and cranny, leave no stone unturned…

2. My Friends!

Tricky, tricky! Three there were, one which took some clever thinking to uncover. Water can flow and water can crash.

But find them I did and then they were revealed to me.

My friends! Even here beneath the waves they whisper to me and tell me their precious secrets.

The truth, about the Great Warrior and the Sea Queen. Not just stories, but real, Ancient man and merfolk woman.

With a love that could destroy both their worlds.

3. The Warrior and the Sea Queen

The Warrior and the Sea Queen, so much love mixed with so much pain.

Sea Queen’s anger made the sea thrash and boil.

Boats destroyed and dragged below, added to her kingdom.

Crews taken, what became of them? Can they still see the stars?

A vow she made, that any who walked upon land would pay until her king was returned to her.

4. The Sea Queen’s Army

War was declared. Battle lines drawn, Sea Queen on one side, Ancients and merfolk on the other.

The Queen swelled her army, with minions that could take her war to the land-dwellers.

People once, changed inside the singing stone. Ocean Crawlers ever after, different types? Not sure, needs more research.

Merfolk too? Attacked to swell her Siren ranks; a single scratch could doom them. Nowhere was safe, on land or sea.

5. Mermaid Gems

An accord, between the Ancients and the merfolk. Their wisdom combined.

Combined in what? A container? Something capable of holding immense power…

The glittering gems! A fire within to turn the Warrior into the Sea King, what else could they contain?

A power, wielded by the Ancients. A power that forced the Sirens to slumber.

Sudds knows a new story now. But there are more pages to turn.

Shrine of Ancient Tears

Author: Umbra

1. Shrine of Ancient Tears

I’ve explored many bizarre and interesting places in my time, but this has to be my favourite!

Beautiful waterfalls, areas hidden away until you drain water from them, ancient doorways that open when you light torches, I love it!

But this place has left me with so many questions. Who collected the skulls? Why is this ancient building deep beneath the waves?

And most importantly of all, where is the key for that triangular lock – and what’s inside?

2. Strange Tales

I thought I knew all there was to know about the merfolk, but after visiting the Shrine I felt like I was missing something.

A part of their story that might explain this strange place. So I asked around. That’s when tales of ships being dragged below by creatures that looked like merfolk started to surface.

I couldn’t believe my ears, the merfolk wouldn’t act this way. What on the seas could be happening?

I spoke to every pirate who knew anything and they all told me the same tale: a terrible scratching on their hulls and the sound of a sad voice on the wind.

3. Return of the Silver Blade

There was one story that really interested me though, tales of the Silver Blade being seen on the Sea of Thieves once more, with a new Captain.

There were rumours that this Captain, a man by the name of Dimitri, discovered a long-forgotten Ancient Vault that contained a chest. A chest that wept.

One pirate named it the Chest of Everlasting Sorrow, which seems fitting, as those that come in contact with it seem to have nothing but sorrow.

Dimitri, his whole crew and the Silver Blade have not been seen for months. I wonder what happened to them.

4. Fate of the Silver Blade

It took some time, a lot of persuasion and following threads to loose ends but I finally got the answers I was seeking

Since I last wrote, I have discovered this new type of merfolk are called Sirens and that they have a dark and complicated past.

The chest that Dimitri found contains the soul of their King, which must mean the Silver Blade was dragged below. I can only hope some of the crew survived.

The Sirens have been sleeping, for how long I cannot tell, but something has awoken them – and their Queen still rages for her lost love, who is forever just out of reach within this chest.

5. The Chest of Everlasting Sorrow

Despite all her powerful magic and minions, the Sea Queen has been unable to free her King from the Chest of Everlasting Sorrow.

The combined power of the Ancients and the merfolk who locked him away has proven too much for her.

Driven mad by the constant cries of her love, she has locked the chest away. I finally know the fate of the Silver Blade and my hopes for the crew have been dashed.

The Queen has turned it into a shrine for the Chest of Everlasting Sorrow, deep within her Sunken Kingdom.

She will never forgive humans for what they did to her. All who sail the Sea of Thieves will feel her wrath.

Shrine of Flooded Embrace

Author: Duke

1. Shrine of Flooded Embrace

Now that I’ve improved my penmanship, I can start recording the discoveries I made below the waves.

I’ve always wanted to know more about the merfolk, where they came from, why they do what they do for us pirates.

I never thought for a single moment that I’d come across a whole species I had never seen nor heard of before.

From what I have discovered in the Shrine of Flooded Embrace, I pray we never see their like again.

2. The Sirens

They were known as Sirens, and they had a king and queen. The king was murdered by the Ancients and the queen’s rage was a thing to behold.

She cursed the Ancients and they became ill. I haven’t been able to discover exactly what happened, bit it sounds unpleasant.

But even this didn’t satisfy the Sea Queen. She wanted to find a way to punish those who had wronged her, for all eternity.

Her desire for revenge led her to explore the forbidden powers of her people, searching for the perfect punishment.

3. Mermaid Gems

Any pirate worth their salt has come across a Mermaid Gem or two in their time.

But did you ever stop to wonder if they were more than just trinkets you can sell to the Companies for gold and reputation?

Yes, you find them in Mermaid Statues, but have you ever seen one anywhere else?

Well, I have…

4. Siren Gems

These seemingly harmless gems have a much darker side… The Sea Queen used them to imprison those from the world above.

She bound their souls inside Mermaid Statues and the power of the gems transformed them into something else.

She called these new creatures OCean Crawlers and they were her army, a way to take the fight to the land dwellers.

As well as corrupting and changing the poor souls inside, this process corrupted the gems too.

These corrupted gems became known as Siren Gems.

5. A Great Battle

As I explored the shipwrecks and delved ever deeper, I came to realise that a huge battle must have taken place here.

Ships crashed right through the Shrine, which would surely have sent the Sirens into a fury.

Each side must have sought to destroy the other. No sane captain would have sacrificed this many ships without a good cause.

It would have taken two powerful captains to command such a battle.

Who would have had such a commanding presence?

Shrine of Hungering

Author: Mercia

1. Shrine of Hungering

As I sit here writing these words, I still can’t quite believe I’m here. And, if I’m totally honest, I still don’t fully understand why.

I heard the song of the merfolk from the earrings they had gifted me. They said they had important information they wanted to entrust to me. Information I was to share with ‘my kind’.

They seemed concerned that if this tale remained untold, then one day, a great evil would be released back into the Sea of Thieves.

So I set off by myself, following the bearing the merfolk gave me, and now here I am, in the Shrine of Hungering

2. The Warrior

As I’ve travelled from island to island, I’ve seen images of a warrior holding a spear. He’s mostly shown vanquishing animals and sometimes with a bird.

I’ve often wondered if he was a real person, or a folktale designed to instil virtues into those who saw or heard it.

It was the merfolk who revealed the truth to me: he was an Ancient.

An Ancient who fell in love with the Sea Queen, no less! Not only that, but she returned his love.

3. The Warrior – Unmasked

This Warrior is not the hero I first took him for! His love for the Sea Queen was so all-consuming that he was willing to try anything to be by her side.

The Ancients believed that it was paramount to live in harmony with the powerful forces of the Sea of Thieves.

Yet the Warrior was attempting to harness them for his own selfish ends.

It looks like the ruler of the Ancients began to fear the forces he was dabbling with, and took measures to put a stop to his rituals for good.

4. The High Priest

The Ancients lived in harmony with the powerful forces of the Sea of Thieves.

Any member of their society who threatened this harmony had to be removed. So the ruler called upon the High Priest, a man learned in the art of potion and poison brewing.

He created a draught that altered his voice to mimic that of the Sea Queen. With this he lured the Warrior to a remote island.

He hid himself out of sight on a cliff overlooking the sea and, catching the Warrior off-guard, shot him with a poisoned dart.

5. A Great Evil

The Warrior was strong, though, and did not fall. On discovering who shot him, he killed the High Priest and flung him from the cliff top where he had been hiding. This story seems so familiar to me.

But I am at a loss, why did the merfolk want me to come here? What great evil do they fear?

It can’t be related to sharks; they seem to revere them rather than fear them.

Did the Warrior become a merman and somehow upset the balance of the Sea of Thieves?

Or did the Ancients manage to restrain him and the Queen, and it’s their return to the Sea of Thieves that the merfolk fear?

The Legend of the Sunken Kingdom

This journal seems to belong to the scholar who wrote the warning…

War Below the Waves

It has taken most of my strength, not to mention the last of my breath, to reach this place. Now that I am here, I finally understand the truth.

Strange as it may sound, I believe that this entire shrine was once above the waves like any other island. The central chamber would have been at sea level.

This made it an ideal meeting place, both for the ancient people who once made the seas their home, and for their allies – the merfolk.

I do not know for certain what they discussed here, Few Ancient texts remain, and I lack the fabled means to commune with the mer themselves.

I have deduced, however, that there was a gathering here. An assembly, on the eve of the plague.

War Below the Waves, Part II

What if your entire being, all that you were or had ever been, was held in a song? So it is for those who dwell below the surface of the sea.

And what, then, if you could no longer find a voice with which to sing?

Divergence was inevitable. Exile, absolute. And, in time, one culture became two. Merfol and Sirens, connected by a forgotten past.

The Sirens had to change to survive. And when they found their voices once more, theirs was now a song of sorrow. Grief for all that they had lost.

Their sorrow crystallising into anger – a righteous fury, urging them onward to war.

War Below the Waves, Part III

Perhaps the Ancients would have left the merfolk to fight their war alone, if they could have. They soon found themselves embroiled, regardless.

The chaining of Old Mother, the mighty Kraken that the Sirens had begun to treat with a devotion that bordered on worship, saw to that.

The Sirens launched attacks against Ancients and the merfolk with equal ferocity, clawing at their ships and stealing away anyone who fell overboard.

The Ancients possessed much knowledge, but their life within the Devil’s Shroud had made them complacent. Many had forgotten how to fight.

There was one among them, however, a warrior… She took up her blade and strode fearlessly into the sea, vowing to end the war once and for all…

War Below the Waves, Part IV

The warrior returned to her home victorious, having forced the Sirens to retreat into the darkness, where they slumbered and dreamed of revenge.

The cost of her triumph was all too clear, for the Ancients were masters of the arcane, and sensed the curse of a sunken sorrow within her heart.

They decreed that this island become a shrine to her sacrifice, and entombed her remains here before departing, perhaps forever.

And now, as I watch the light shimmer beneath my skin, and feel the weight in my own heart, I too understand the power of this curse.

I must seal this shrine once again. Hide the key. Warn others of the danger within, before it is too late…


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