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Complete(?) Guide to the Flameheart Battles from the Haunted Shores update.

Content of the article: "Complete(?) Guide to the Flameheart Battles from the Haunted Shores update."

1) GET TONS OF SUPPLIES FROM THE OUTPOST. You'll need it. Prioritize normal cannonballs and wood planks, you don't really need anything else. Though a few cooked meats or high-tier fruits wouldn't hurt. Dagger Tooth and Ancient Spire are great starter outposts due to HOW MANY BARRELS there are close by the ship spawn.

1-A) If there's a shipwreck nearby, try looting it for spare treasures and supplies.

1-B) If you wanna get Emissary progress, try the Reaper's Bones since it's the most all-encompassing based on the loot drops. The thing about it compromising your position is a moot point here since Flameheart's already a beacon.

2) TRY and get a rowboat as you sail to the destination. There's a high chance of it getting destroyed, though. So don't make it an escape vessel or put your loot in there just in case.

3) When you arrive, all the normal ghost ships only take three cannonballs each to take down. But they're also intangible and will phase through rocks and your ship. If your ship, they'll leave four holes per ship at once. Avoid contact with two or more ships in a short time, or you'll be forced to do ship maintenance. This makes you easy prey for the ghost ships and island surroundings. If you're slooping, solo or not, YOU'RE SCREWED if this happens.

4) The ghost ships fire three kinds of cannonballs. Phantoms (normal cannonballs), flame phantoms (firebombs), and Wraiths (3-4x stronger than Phantoms, essentially a powder keg without the explosion). You'll recognize them when you see them, but the Wraiths always scream upon launch.

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5) Ghosts will be flying around a spot if a ship drops loot. Usually a supply crate (which you will need), or treasure. Getting the treasure as soon as it drops is possible, but not recommended if you aren't on top of your game in case you get bombarded.

6) There will be 4 total waves. Waves 1 and 3 will all have nothing but standard ghost ships. Waves 2 and 4 will have 2 Ashen Dragons coupled with 2 ghost ships each. The Dragons take many more hits to defeat, but always drop treasure. See if you can kill them first; the posses will despawn upon their death. Though if you have abundant resources, you can also kill the normal ghost ships first to make things safer.

7) The final wave will also have Flameheart's ship: the titular Burning Blade. Same rules apply to the Ashen Dragons, except it has the most HP out of them all, and it has 4 ghost ships on its own ON TOP of the Ashen Dragon sets. DO NOT BE ANYWHERE NEAR THE BURNING BLADE WHEN IT SPAWNS!! SAIL AWAY FIRST TO GET SOME BREATHING ROOM, ESPECIALLY IF YOU NEED TO GRAB SUPPLIES/TREASURE!! OTHERWISE YOU WILL GET BOMBARDED LIKE CRAZY!!

8) DO NOT ENGAGE DIRECTLY WITH THE BURNING BLADE!! TRY AND TAKE OUT ITS POSSE FIRST!! You'll also get bombarded here otherwise. The other Ashen Dragons are optional, same rules apply, and they'll also despawn if the Burning Blade goes down, though you won't get THEIR loot.

9) If you do manage to beat the Burning Blade, you'll get much more loot than a Dragon. This will ALWAYS include a Captain's Skull of the Damned and Cannonball Crate of the Damned. The skull must be sold ASAP to the Order of Souls for commendation progress (if you care about that), and everything else is fair game. The crate always contains SOME of the cannonballs you encountered, including (apx.) 2-5 Wraithballs. You'll need to hit a ship with a grand total of 25 to get that commendation, but there's only one grade to it, it's cumulative, and there's no timer. So you can take as much time as you need to do this. I recommend sailing the seas to try and find a parked ship, sneaking up to it, shooting it with the Wraiths, then either bail or continue firing (your choice after the Wraiths). SELL EVERYTHING FIRST IN CASE YOU SINK HERE; OTHER PLAYERS ARE THE MOST DANGEROUS. ALSO KEEP THEM ON YOUR PERSON AT ALL TIMES IN CASE YOU DIE AND YOUR SHIP SINKS WHILE YOU CAN'T REPAIR IT; THIS SO YOU WON'T LOSE THEM!!

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