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Content Update Concept | The Hunter’s Shrouded Eye (MEGA-Post)

Content of the article: "Content Update Concept | The Hunter’s Shrouded Eye (MEGA-Post)"

Before you continue reading this I just wanna say these are my concepts/ideas/suggestions and would love to hear what you think or would change! I worked for a few days on this post, but these are based upon my experiences along with some other friends/players who have agreed or disagreed. Tell me what you think, and I'll respond! :>

NOTE: My Photoshop is amateur so don't expect exceptional work! Some, ideas and changes have pictures/videos, some do not. If there's any mistakes let me know and I will correct them.

TL;DR means "Too Lazy, Didn't Read"

The TL;DR version of this mega-post is at the bottom of the post! 🙂



Hunter's Call & Cooking

Serik's given in! She's told her fellow Hunter's Call runners to spread the word! The Hunter's Call have officially created their own emissary system for you to represent! But that's not the only thing coming to the Hunter's Call… reworks to cooking, a new fish type, and Hunter Bounties are all here! Read more about these changes and additions below!

  • Hunter's Call Emissary Flag – Emissary Flags are now available for purchase, but only from the founder of the Hunter's Call located at The North Star Seapost, Serik.

Hunter's Call Emissary tables can be found across the Sea of Thieves at all Sea Posts! They work like any other Emissary table, but there are a few unique design changes.. such as Splashtail silhouettes as the Emissary levels on your ship's flags.

  • Cooking Bell – New "Cooking Bell" added to Cooking Stoves on all ships.

The way the new Cooking-Bell works is simpler than one might think! There is a wooden meter (or as "SOME" pirates call it, "The Shark Tooth") that a pirate can adjust for the varying fish and meat types, once stopping at a certain fish or meat you can begin by putting the item on the Cooking Stove, once doing so, the meter will begin to drop, and once it gets to the bottom, the Cooking-Bell will ring 3 times with each ring 2 seconds apart.

(Cooking Bell)

  • The Shrouded Eye – The Shrouded Eye fish type added

I'VE SEENT IT! WITH ME OWN EYE! No one believes me, it's real I tell ya! Here's what happened… The fog from The Devil's Shroud eerily rolled in that mornin'.. thought nothin' of. I went to fish for a Splashtail for a mornin' meal.. when there it was.. THE SHROUDED EYE.. Pink lit fins, large boney mouth.. boney all over! The most distinct feature of this here fish was it's large fin-like structure atop it's head… It wasn't somethin' I've ever seen before, it bit me grubs right off the line. Named it after this here story, the fog from the Shroud, and me one eye seein' it swim off, glowin' in that foggy mist… Somethin' tells me it likes those wiggly and slippery grubs.

– Merrick

(The Shrouded Eye Silhouette)

  • Hunter Bounties – Hunter Bounties are now purchasable from all Hunter's Call runners located at any Sea Post.

How these "Bounties" work are similar to the Order of Souls skeleton bounties. Essentially, when you purchase one of the bounties you have a specific area of in the Sea of Thieves you need to go to complete the bounty. In this case, this could mean many things. Such as, fishing for a certain fish, summoning a Megalodon, looting Shipwrecks for meat old and new, and even hunting for the terrifying Kraken! These bounties will depend on where you are in the Sea of Thieves, in The Ancient Isles, The Shores of Plenty, and The Wilds, you'll have your typical, yet terrifying, Kraken! But over in the Devil's Roar… You'll have to hunt for the much more large and fierce… Ashen Kraken!

(u/GioTheEpicGamerOhYea's Ashen Kraken he let me use it as an example, thanks man!)

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  • Slimline Action Banners – Action name banners shown when an action such as voting on a voyage, completing a voyage, voting an Emissary, and more can now be reconfigured with new slimline banners (a simpler design using less screen space) or disabled completely.
  • Slimline Location Banners – "Slimline Island Banners" have been rebranded as "Slimline Location Banners" including Islands, Sea Posts, Shipwrecks and special locations such as the Ferry of the Damned and the Pirate Legend Hideout.
  • Region Banners – Region Banners are similar to the Voyage and Location Banners. But these banners tell you if you're in The Ancient Isles, The Shores of Plenty, or the Devil's Roar.



As we keep improving and updating our accessibility settings we want to give as much comfort to our players as well. Being fair and fun for both sides of the cannon!

  • Always Show Health Bar – Players now have an option to always show their health bar, whether or not they were damaged or not.
  • Show Health Bar Increments – When activating the "Always Show Health Bar" option, you unlock the ability to enable this setting, which allows you to see your health from 25% – 75% in lined increments.
  • Toggle Smooth Health Regain Animation – When activating or deactivating this option your health animation when healing will either be smooth, or instantaneous.


Ashen Winds

  • Ashen Treasures – Treasures that spawn after defeating an Ashen Lord has been doubled.
  • Ashen Cursed Arm Curse – Completing every commendation in the "Ashen Winds" tab will earn you the "Ashen Cursed Arm Curse".

You'll be able to "Curse Pair" this Curse with "The Ashen Curse".


Weapon Balancing

  • Cutlass Damage Balancing – When attacking with a cutlass, players will now deal slightly less damage per strike. Regular strikes now deal 20 damage, decreased from 25.

This will allow the Flintlock and Eye of Reach to differ from each other when using the Cutlass as a secondary choice. Before you only needed to land one shot with either weapon then swipe twice with the Cutlass. Now you need to land 3 swipes whilst using the Cutlass and Flintlock and 2 swipes whilst using the Eye of Reach. The Cutlass is strong, this may be the first line in several changes to tweak and balance the Cutlass with itself and it's fellow weapons.

  • Flintlock Damage Balancing – When firing a shot from the Flintlock, the damage dealt will now be 50, decreased from 55.

The Flintlock is a very balanced weapon all around, feeling this way, removing 5 points of damage from it, feels significant enough to make an impact on balancing it specifically around the other weapons and throwables in Sea of Thieves.

  • Eye of Reach Zoom Balancing – When looking into the Eye of Reach the zoom speed will be slightly slower. Zoom speed has decreased from .7 seconds to 1 second.


Currently you can zoom into the EoR scope VERY fast. and this allows players to shoot as early as .3 seconds, so naturally a skilled player could shoot after about .3 – .5 seconds early. This allows the EoR to be easily a better choice over the Flintlock for damage and secondary weapon combos. This change will aim at allowing skilled players to aim and fire .5 – .6 seconds early, as well as keeping the CQC ability of the EoR but enforcing the long-range, "Press … to hold breath" style gameplay the EoR was meant for.

  • Eye of Reach Trigger Balancing – Removed the ability to shoot before fully scoping into the Eye of Reach.


The Eye of Reach had the ability to fire without fully aiming into the scope. This has been removed to enforce the long-range and precise abilities of the weapon.

Pirate Ships

  • Wall-banging – Thin planks, grates, windows, window flaps, thin columns, Sloop Canopy, and more are all wall-bangable! Masts, the Crow's nest bottom, thick walls or thick wood, metal, and more are all impenetrable from the bullets of any weapon.

  • Pirate Ships sinking – When a Pirate Ship sinks, the iconic Cannonball Barrel, Wood Barrel, and Food Barrel will float up with the rest of their treasure as well, but only the best half of their supplies will be in them, so be weary of your own supplies as well!
  • Cooking Stoves – Now have a self-ringing bell for when food or sea life is done cooking.

This change removes the top mast bell and places it above the Cooking Stove!

  • Galleon and Brigantine – Now have 2 stove tops for double the cooking speed!
  • Rowboats – Now purchasable from the Shipwright at Outposts.

Don't get too excited, for this perk is reserved for the bravest, most hard working pirates in the Sea of Thieves, Pirate Legends! Legends now have the ability to purchase Rowboats from the Shipwright at all Outposts. Keep in mind, Rowboats with Harpoons attached cannot be purchased and can only be found scattered in the Sea of Thieves.

Skeleton Ships

  • Skeleton Ships – No longer fire player-affecting (green) Cursed Cannonballs.

Fighting Skeleton Ships and Skeleton Fleets were always a bit of a challenge with their cursed cannonball abilities. Finding your pirate dancing, sleeping, a bit grog-filled or even venom stung can be a bit challenging to keep your ship afloat, which is why removing pirate-affecting cursed cannonballs from Skeleton ships will be a QoL change, allowing only your ship to be at prey from the cursed cannonballs!

  • Skeleton Ships – No longer race towards your ship if the Skeleton ship is behind.

In short, Skeleton ships won't race-car towards you and your ship if it's fallen behind. Giving you and your crew a lot more ship-turning freedom and tactics.

  • Skeleton Ships – When a Skeleton Ship sinks, the treasure will have crows fly above the loot to indicate it's location.

This will make finding and locating Skeleton Ship loot much more fluid and easier for players. Allowing them to take note where it is, and continue the fight, whether in a Fleet or just busy chasing another ship!


  • Storage Crates – Just got more.. crate-ier?

Forgetting about that, Storage Crates now have 2 prompts when being held up to a Barrel or Crate. The first prompt is "Fill Storage Crate" which well, will fill your Storage Crate with the supplies from the Barrel! The second prompt is "Empty Storage Crate" which will empty the supplies it can into the Barrel. This does include Special Barrels on ships. These prompts will have separate bindings.

  • Storage Crates – Now purchasable from the Shipwrights at Outposts.

This perk is, once again, reserved for the bravest, most hard working pirates in the Sea of Thieves, Pirate Legends! Legends now have the ability to purchase Storage Crates from the Shipwright at all Outposts.

  • Crate of Plants – Pirates can now hold the main action button to move plants' leaves out of the way.
  • Crate of Plants – Plants now need to be watered every 15 real-life minutes.


  • Kraken – Kraken treasure now shows crows flying above the loot.

This will make finding and locating Kraken loot much more fluid and easier for players. Allowing them to see where the wretched Kraken leaves her treasure when she perishes!

  • Ashen Kraken – The Ashen Kraken has lurked it's way into the Sea of Thieves, and oh.. is it trouble!

Don't whale in fear too much! For this Kraken needs to be hunted for and can only be obtained by purchasing the "The Hunt For The Burning Tentacle" Hunter's Call Bounty.

(My Ashen Kraken Concept)


  • Sharks – Now swim away from players who hook to ladders, ships, land and more after 3 seconds. But beware, they'll still be lurking in the distance ready to strike!
  • Sharks – When a shark spawns on a player swimming, ominous lurking music can heard as a sound queue, similar to Skeleton Ships spawning on Pirate Ships.
  • Sharks – When a shark is going to chomp a pirate, heart-pounding music can be heard and will get progressively more terrifying the closer they get.

  • Sharks – Now have a chance of dropping 1-2 pieces of Shark meat depending on the model.

Sharks that look healthy and clean will drop 2 pieces of meat, but sharks that look beat up and hurt will drop 1 piece of meat.

Pirate Emporium

  • Pets – Ashen Cursed Dogs are now available in the Pirate Emporium!
  • Pets – Different types of animal breeds now have curses.


  • Ancient Skeletons – Now only take one bullet from the Eye of Reach, Flintlock, and Blunderbuss. The Blunderbuss will need at least 3 pellets landing to kill the Ancient Skeleton.

Fixed Issues

  • Players should no longer be sucked/sent far down under a ship when boarding in close proximity to the ship.
  • Players can now grab certain ladders when in very close proximity.

  • Players should no longer fly off the ladder at Ancient Spire Outpost.
  • Weapons should no longer "ghost zoom" after reloading and should aim immediately.

  • The Cutlass should no longer play a sword lunge animation when it has been canceled by taking damage.


Hunter's Call Emissary, cooking is easier and more fun, there is a Shrouded Fish basically, and Hunter's Call voyages.

Improved Slimline/Banners.

More comfortable health bar settings, especially when in intense battles.

Ashen Winds event gives 2x the loot, and when completing all Commendations for Ashen Winds, you get the Ashen Cursed Arm.

Cutlass Nerf, Flintlock balancing, and Eye of Reach Nerfs

Wall-banging returned, supplies float up when sinking a Pirate Ship, Cooking Stoves have self-ringing bells, Gali and Brig have 2 pans for cooking, you can buy Rowboats as a PL.

Skeleton Ships are less unpredictable and have a better system for showing loot.

Storage Crates are easier to fill/empty.

Plants don't need to be watered every 5 seconds. You can move Plant leaves out of the way when carrying Plants.

Kraken treasure now has crows to indicate where their treasure is. Ashen Kraken bounty added for Hunter's Call "voyages".

Sharks are more predictable, and have audio cues.

Dogs now have Curses. All pet breeds have all types of Curses.

Ancient Skeletons only need one shot from any weapon.

Fixed annoying issues. (That I think are easy to fix).


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