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Contest Winners!

Ahoy! Last month we teamed up with the Sea of Thieves community Discord to give away some in Obsidian Six Pack or Obsidian Capstan codes. All you needed to do was woo us with a screenshot. Since we've all cooled down a bit we wanted to take a moment and announce the winners!


Cabskee – This nice gentleman looks for his valentine to be sort of masochistic but not enough to get into any sort of trouble. To win his heart you’ll need to perform a “Crab Dance on the edge of death”, whatever the heck that means.

Winner: /u/TheRybka – Screenshot

ColorfulSalmon – This is a jolly fellow who wants to be woo’d by a delicious dish of Fish and Chips (he’s English). To win his heart you’ll need to make him a nice meal.

Winner: /u/macaronicataroni – Screenshot

Reegz – (this is me!) I like pretty things, whether treasure, sunsets. Pretty much posts that you’re discouraged from posting (one of the reasons for that rule is they just get me so hot and bothered). I want to see a sunset, but I’m a gold digger too.

Winner: /u/Miles_lake – Screenshot



DuMy2008: To celebrate the love of this special day, I want you to slaughter poor pirate captains and show me your skull hauls, as many as humanly pirately possible. Show me your fancy skull loot on ship, or on land! Themed creativity gives bonus points!

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Winner: canale#8261 – (discord) – Screenshot

Sir Lotus: It's a well known fact that I don't like people (That's why i became a mod). So what would I like to see for this beautiful celebration of love? I WANT TO SEE THE WHOLE WORLD BURN!!! But I guess I’ll settle for some burning ships and a pirate or two…

Winner: MacMillian#8885 – (discord) – Screenshot

Staticxtasy: – This fabulous gentleman is all about the fashion. To win his favor over you'll have to express your sense of Fashion and show off your exquisite outfit with your gorgeous ship behind you. Bonus points for a great background!

Winner: Arasan PynkFlame#9774 – (discord) – Screenshot



AceNimrod – There comes a time in every Pirate's life, when he must ask himself the hard questions. If a flood were to wipe out all life in the Sea of Thieves, who would you save? I asked myself this question, and realised there is only one real answer. Save the chickens. Save as many chickens as you can on your ark, so that they may rebuild a new world order in the aftermath. bonus points for chicken diversity, the more colour variations the better!

Winner: jdog#8186 (discord) – Screenshot

I also want to take a moment to thank everyone who participated, there were some really great entries and if you didn't win don't worry, this is something we want to continue doing going forward!

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If you’ve been selected as a winner, please contact the mods via modmail, whether on Discord or Reddit.

Thanks again everyone! <3


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