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Cosmetic suggestions and QOL

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I’ve been playing since day 1 (I have black dog as well) and I just love the cosmetics in this game. Sure, I wish there were more, but even with what is here, there’s so much choice. But I’ve been thinking for a while, about what could be added.

-Presets I know this is something often suggested so I will only touch on it briefly. There should be a slot in the costume section (or in a new tab) where you can construct a preset. It will ask you if you want to set the preset to what you’re wearing at the moment and if not you can go through and select what you want. At the end it will ask you if you want to set this to your current outfit. You should also be able to set presets for tools, and ships.

-equip full set Many cosmetics in this game come in the form of sets. I propose that if you have a full set you will get the option to equip all items from that set. If you don’t own the full set you can equip all that you own in one button. I’m imagining that if you hover over anything from say, the admiral set. You hover over it and you have the prompt “press A to equip” but also “hold X to equip full set” upon holding X, or whatever it would be on computer, it will go through the little wheel like it does when picking up loot and loading cannons and such. It will then unequip all cosmetics on currently, and replace them with the set you selected. I think this would be a very nice QOL feature, especially for those who like to role play.

-Captain outfits I’m a little on the fence about this idea, but figured I’d include it regardless. Rare just introduced the concept of “captain and crew outfits” with the soulflame stuff. Imagine if the presets you make could (if selected to do so) be shared with your crew. Again, I’m not quite sold on this idea, but thought I’d share it to get feedback.

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-complete set costume There would be an option when in the clothing shop to buy the set costume. It would cost a little more than all the parts of that set, but would be more connected, and have a few extra parts on them, like maybe a tankard hanging on there (I’ll come back to that). Like the captain and crew outfits, I’m not 100% certain I like this, but still thought I’d bring it up (especially seeing as the only cosmetics Rare seems to be inclined to releasing are costumes this would quench their thirst.)

-jewelry Jewelry is something heavily requested and I would love it. There would be 5 slots for jewelry. (IMO it should be PL exclusive, but that’s just me) the first slot is for earrings. The next for facial jewelry, like a nose ring. The next for neck stuff, such as a necklace. The next would be for bracelets, and other such wrist stuff. (Maybe even a working watch!? Ok maybe that’s too much) the final slot would be for rings. An example of jewelry would be golden chains for pirate legends. Jewelry can be changed in the vanity chest. It should be quite expensive.

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-tools and weapons displayed I know this was also a popular topic a long time ago, and it was said that this would be taxing on servers. However the same was said for shanties and look what happened. There should be 2 slots for either a tool or weapon to be shown. If you hold that tool or weapon it will not show. Animations to get that tool or weapon would probably cause lag tbh so I don’t think that’s necessary.

One last request: MORE OPEN JACKETS

Those are all the things that I could think of or have heard in past. I’d love to see these things in game, and think it would really make the experience cosmetic-wise a lot better. Let me know what you think of what I’ve suggested, if it would work, if it wouldn’t, anything I didn’t mention that you also think should be added. See you on the seas!!


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