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Did you ever hear the tragedy of the English Brigantine?

Content of the article: "Did you ever hear the tragedy of the English Brigantine?"

No? I thought not, it's not a story the Merchant Alliance would tell you.

It was clearing a Skeleton fort, trying to earn some loot.
Alas, a Sloop of Reapers had its eyes on the fort. And when they spotted the Brigantine, a scheme was put into motion: one sailor would use a rowboat to deliver a keg on the Brigantine, while the second would wait for the explosion to come rushing in with the boat.

Success! The keg detonated on the Brigantine, killing one of its sailors. Sadly the other sailors came back in time to save the boat, and our Sloop of heroes did not arrive in time to finish the job. Thus started a long chase, with the Brigantine in pursuit of the Sloop. The Brigantine valiantly defending its ladders against the numerous boarding attempts, using Blunderbuss and Blunderbombs profusely.

While the Sloop was trying to lose the Brigantine in the midst of reefs, Poseidon smiled on our heroes. On the corner of their eyes, they spotted some barrels in the water and among them, two explosive kegs. They both dove right after seeing this miracle, and started swimming towards the Brigantine. It was struggling to pass through the reefs, it couldn't change its trajectory: the stars were aligned.
With a keg on their back , they approached the enemy boat on each side and tried to scale the ladders. But it was not meant to be, the English sailors were ready… or so they thought!

They decided that using Blunderbuss and Blunderbombs was again the way to defend their boat. By reflex, or because they didn't see another way out, we will never know. And so their shots detonated one keg, the deflagration making the second one explode.


Our heroes appeared on the Ferry of the Damned, as they expected to. But they weren't alone: they spotted not one, not two but all three of the English sailors! Drinks were had, music was played, the sailors were dancing but the best was yet to come for the Sloop's sailors. The English asked our heroes: "Wait, why are you both dead?"
Only then did they understand: two kegs had detonated on their boat. Going at full speed, and with no one fixing the holes, such a vessel would sink very quickly. And so when the English sailors appeared back in our world, it was on a small remote island, with a brand new boat. But without any loot or emissary flag!

In the end, the Blunderbuss defense didn't save them, but it also caused their demise. Ironic.

What happened to our two heroes? The tale doesn't say. In some parts of the Sea of Thieves it is told that they went back to the fort. Others say they grabbed the English's emissary flag and went to Reaper's Hideout to sell it. Some even think that the Brigantine came back and chased them for two full days, before the Sloop finally escaped. Without sinking the English ship this time.

PS: Thanks to my crewmates who tolerate my bossiness, gg to the Brigantine and I love this game :>


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