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Flameheart is the best world event by far.

Content of the article: "Flameheart is the best world event by far."

Flameheart to me seems to be the safest event and has the best time invested/reward turnaround. I often leave flameheart not just with loot, but with more supplies than I started with in order to defend said loot until I sell.

For me world events go like this: Flameheart>Skeleton fleet>Skeleton fort>Ashen Lords.

Flameheart is the fastest to kill, has great loot for the big 3 factions, rewards you with supplies, is fun, and is easy to keep your eyes on the horizon for other ships while doing.

Skeleton fleets are similar to flameheart in several ways, my biggest complaint is the lack of supplies they provide, I have run into the issue of running out of cannon balls or planks and having to swing by an island to restock in the middle of the fight, but otherwise they provide good loot and maintain the benefit of staying on your ship while fighting and looting

Skeleton forts(including FOTD) are fairly easy fights, but by forcing you to fight on land you are more vulnerable to tuccers and getting snuck up on. It's not too hard to rotate to a high point on the fort and do a quick scan, but much easier to do this aboard your own ship during the above events. Rewards also feel like they are lacking compared to flameheart, except the stronghold keg(which is usually not even worth taking for it's risk) and FOTD.

Ashen Lords take an absolutely insane amount of time to kill, require a lot of focus and force you to park your ship far enough away that it's out of range of the meteor attack, which makes the risk of being snuck up on even worse. It's hard to do a 360 degree scan to see if anyone is coming at you while fighting an Ashen Lord depending on which island you are at, the loot gets so scattered about and is hard to collect all of compared to other events, even if it is worth more collectively than Flameheart or Skeleton Fleet.

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I wanted to see what the rest of this community thinks about this. Ashen Lords are thematically very cool, but such a pain in the ass that my crew hasn't done one in 3 weeks, if anyone ever sees a fire tornado we just groan and grind OoS voyages or something until it's gone. Would love to see them make these encounters more worth the time and risk involved over doing the ship based encounters which are much safer. I know a lot of people on here complain about ashen lord length, and I would be fine with them keeping the length if they increased the reward and consolidated the loot.


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