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friendly kraken discussion/suggestions

I wanted to day dream a bit with some of you to talk about one of the game's biggest icons, the mighty Kraken, and I wanna read your ideas too!

My first encounter with the kraken was bone-chilling. The black water seeping from under my boat, the guttural sea noises, the erupting tentacles shaking the core of my vessel and of course, the panic inducing strings and deep horns from the Kraken score. It left me shaking in my boots and I ultimately died from lack of experience on the seas.

After 700 hours and 30+ kraken encounters, I don't feel the same anymore. Although the loot is seemingly worth it at the beginning, once you've gotten the commendations the kraken unfortunately becomes the annoying pet that won't stop asking for food.

I'm not suggesting a full re-work, but for example the loot drops depends on how many tentacles you managed to take out, that's fine, keep it as is, but at least make the loot spawn in a generalized area.

Varying difficulties would also be welcome, including stronger tentacles, more tentacles, maybe even more inky water so it's harder to get out. For every variant loot can be adjusted accordingly. Like the megs, krakens could be a different colour and have unique names/commendations to identify its difficulty/loot grades.

Some sort of limited (daily, weekly, monthly?) legendary bait could be sold at sea-posts with hints as to where to use it to summon megs or krakens, but never guarantee a variant, keep it RNG so that slaying/encountering things like the shrouded ghost still remains an effort to be commended.

It's also time the kraken got his own tall tale, not completely removing the mysteries but maybe giving us some sort of context to make it more terrifying, or perhaps heart-wrenching.

Speaking of terrifying, I'll move on to an idea which is more unlikely to happen but that's why I used the term "day dreaming" at the start. When falling in the water, as it stands you slowly lose health and can't see anything. It's really scary when you don't know what's happening, but when you figure out it's just an instagram filter for the water, then all the fear goes away.

What I want to see: When falling in the water, your sight is still obscured by the thick layer of ink water, you have a few seconds to make it to the surface. If you take too long a small force starts to suck you towards the middle of the ink circle. The small force gradually gets stronger the longer you take. You then realise that the Kraken is sucking you towards it. Once you pierce the ink layer, you look down and see you are slowly being dragged in to its maw, and as you are struggling, you also realise you took too long and that it's now out of your control, you are going to get eaten. There could be blaring horns similar to an alarm, screen shaking effects, intense heart beat paired with the visual of the kraken's mouth, but you still can't see it's full body to suggest how immense it really is. Deep inside is darkness where you eventually find yourself. It clamps shut extinguishing any possible light source, screen goes full black resulting in a free trip to the Ferry of the Damned.

The above not only adds some difficulty to a very easy encounter (I've been sunk by many a skeleton ship, but after the first encounter, the kraken never sunk me again) but also it would give us perspective of the ancient threat the sea of thieves has felt for generations. Right now we've only gotten to see its fingers and crude pirate drawings, which is disappointing.

With the addition of lots of underwater content, I'd like to see more of our inky friend! The world on top is great and granted more islands would be fun, but I think exploring the mysteries of the underwater realm is a far more-entertaining direction as it sort of explains why the sea of thieves is the way that it is.

Let the thread die, add to the discussion, up to you. Just wanted to share an idea which I'm sure has been thrown around here. Been sailing for 2 years and it has become my number 1 video game of all time, nothing trumps this for me, so I'm happy as it is, however after hundreds of hours with lots of time to think in between trips, I couldn't help myself to dream a little 🙂

edit: forgot that the tentacle that grabs the ship can spit ink so removed that suggestion


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