Sea of Thieves

Friendly tips for a beginner, by an amateur.

Hello! I’m just a dude who likes the game and wants to pass on some of that knowledge I’ve gained over the past few hours.

I’m certainly not a god at the game, I’m somewhat experienced at best, but maybe what I have to say will be helpful for any beginners and perhaps some of the Pirate Legends can learn a thing or two as well!

1.) Turn off your ship lanterns at all times

This one’s easy. Just keep those bad boys off. The visibility on your deck barely decreases, and the lower decks don’t really need lights either. This’ll help you stay hidden from other players if you’re trying to avoid a fight, but also help you mask your approach in case you ARE looking to fight. Having them off is one of the most basic plays of safety you can do.

2.) Be aware of your surroundings

This is the counter strategy to 1.) The pirate lord gave you a spy glass, you need to use it. Rare had a field day in the modelling department for this game, and a lot of things like rocks, Stronghold towers or seaposts look like ships from a distance. But even if you’re sure it’s a rock, get that spyglass and look at it anyway. Never go “oh I’m sure it’s just a Rare-Rock ™”, you’re gonna double check. If you see the tiniest thing out of order, you’re gonna double check. Remember any other pirate ships you’ve passed along your way, and where they were headed, remember where you saw any skeleton ships and the general area they seem to patrol. The more information you have, the better your chances of survival are

3.) Don’t underestimate the power of Treasure Chests

There’s this type of chest that allows you to stash 3 smaller items inside of it. USE IT AND USE MANY. It’ll save you a lot of time when selling your loot. Try to keep 2-3 around.

4.) Don’t panic

Uh-Oh, you’re in a bit of trouble. Stay focused. Being panicky and trying to scramble to the next best thing to do is a sure way to get sunk. Know what you’re going to do next and do it vigilantly. Stay aware of what needs and needs not attention. Is the ship not going to sail into anything soon? Good, then drop the wheel out of your head for a while and get to repairing or firing your cannon.

5.) Don’t get cocky

Just because you’ve had a good haul with your brigantine or galleon, you’re no pirate legend, so don’t go acting high and mighty. And even if you’re a pirate legend, respect every single other pirate you meet by not underestimating them. Me and a friend had a fun encounter yesterday. We were trying to do an Ashen Lord, but a brig beat us there, so we let off and found something else to do for the while. We anchored at an outpost and sold our own loot. Suddenly, the SAME brig showed up after finished the Lord and came looking for a fight with the mindset of “Sloop bad, Brig good.” We were anchored so an easy target for the brig right? Miss, Miss, Miss. Basically, one of them boarded us and murdered me, swiftly being killed by my friend who has an astounding 10 hours in this game. I revived and went to board them, killed the helmsman, defended myself against the other guy and they were sank. By a sloop that stood still the entire fight. And they lost their loot. Don’t be like those guys. Be smarter than that.

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6.) Don’t underestimate the power of Secondary Ammo

By which I mean chain shots, firebombs and blunderbombs. Even as throwables, both Bombs can be extremely oppressive to both AI and Player alike. While chainshots don’t work on AI ships, they can easily save your hide when pursued by a player by cracking their mast in one fair shot. Always carry throwables on you, you may never now when you could need them.

7.) Know when to hold’em, and when to fold’em

Inherently, SoT is a game about taking risks. It’s your job to decide whether or not it’s worth taking certain risks. And honestly, there’s two good questions that help me make those choices. ”Can I do it?” is one of them. Evaluate your skill, supplies and situation. Assess the enemy. If there’s a fair chance that you could get them, ask yourself; ”What do I have to lose?”. If the answer is “nothing” you might as well just go for it. If you win, that’s loot and practice for you, and if you lose, it’s still practice, and you’ve learned from it. Good example from personal experience: I cleared a Skeleton Fort, got my loot. A skeleton ship attacked me, due to being anchored for very long. I assessed everything as above and went for the simple strat of using the Gunpowder Kegs I have to sink them. I sunk them and got the loot. Next a megalodon attacked me. I see that there’s no other ships around to attack me while I fight, so I went and fought. I won and got the loot. At the end of the day, I almost doubled my winnings, by taking the (admittedly low) risk of taking on those fights while I had something to lose, but was confident in my abilities to win.

8.) Almost always fight the Megalodon

That chumps big and scary but if your cannon and weapon aim is decent, you’ll see that he’s somewhat of a pushover. Again, this still applies tip #5. Don’t get cocky. Just because he’s a pushover doesn’t mean he can’t sink you if you’re being stupid. Best thing to do is just anchor and barrage him with cannon fire once he is in range, and pistol/sniper fire when out of range. Also, use throwables when he charges at an angle you can’t hit with cannons. Hitting the Megalodon mid-charge once will greatly reduce the damage dealt, and hitting twice cancels the charge altogether. Sometimes though he charges from behind, so just chuck some bombs on him instead, because that also counts! Aim for the mouth!

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9.) Take all the friendship you can get

“It’s sea of thieves, not sea of friends” I hear some of you mutter and it’s true. However there’s a reason Rare implemented the Alliance Feature. Sometimes if you meet a friendly crew, it might just be more beneficial to both of you to shake hands and become allies in the long run. You share gold made by sales, you see each other on the map and you can aid one another if the time calls for it. Even if another crew is just asking you for a favour, like giving them a firebomb because they need the red flame of fate, but they don’t have any, you might wanna do it, the favour might be returned.

10.) Challenge yourself

Sea of Thieves, at some point, will ask you to step out of your comfort zone. It won’t force you, but it will ask often enough. Only doing voyages sure is one way to go about things, always running from Meg also is a valid way to deal with it. But what if you just went and said “fuck it.” and did a World Event, or fought the Meg? Challenge yourself, it can most times only benefit you by making you a better pirate, even if you lose. You can’t always run from players either. Some will relentlessly chase you. Either Trick them and escape or turn and fight for a chance to make distance or even sinking them. Learn to defend yourself.

11.) PVP: Preventing Boarding

Huh, that’s weird, the enemy ship fired but there was no cannonball. Well that might just be a player having shot themselves at you to board. Curious, there’s a random mermaid in the water but my crew are all on deck. That’s an enemy player in the water. There are a lot of tells when an enemy crew is attempting to get on your ship and mess you up, staying aware of those tells is a great way to just line up that blunderbuss on those ladders of yours and popping the geezer right back off. If an enemy player DOES manage to get on by ways of landing perfectly on your ship, make it your priority to get rid of him because as long as he is there, we can and will sabotage all your attempts at managing your vessel. Get him out ASAP.

12.) PVP: use your enemies resources against them

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Good job! You’ve boarded them! Now what? Well, you can go about and murder the crew for a start, but what to do if they’re all respawning? Take their firebombs and throw them on deck, steal their planks and cannonballs to use for yourself, find items that you can use to severely damage their ship. One of the reasons we managed to sink that Brig in #5 was because I took their chest of rage and took it out of the water to have it damage them. You can do the same, or maybe there’s a Chest of Sorrow for you to hide somewhere on the ship, so they can’t find and ditch it once it starts crying. Or maybe they have an ashen winds skill for you to use! Get creative! It’ll save your own resources in the end!

13.) PVP: Scaring them off You don’t always have to engage in a full on fire fight with a crew. Sometimes asserting dominance is actually enough. Another example from the same day as #5: Me and said friend were digging up some chests, with an Order Of Souls Emissary ship nearby. We notice that they are in fact trying to approach and attack. We went to our ship and made it seem that we’d try to run (after all a sloop must fear the Briggantine) but then barraged them with cannonballs. They tried to board by ramming us, but the lad got shot down instantly. They fled and we didn’t give chase. We didn’t have to. They were scared. Sometimes, that’s all you need to win a fight.

That’s all the tips I’ve got I believe. Hopefully you can put these to use, and if you already knew all of them, well that makes you a better pirate than me at least! I’m sure some of you will disagree but this is a civilised subreddit, I’m sure we’ll all find an agreement.

With that, happy travels and good luck out there, future pirate legend!

~Skeleton Exploder, Demyxa


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