Sea of Thieves

Getting our Revenge Against some Toxic Pirates

So one of my friends recently got into SoT, and I decided to take him to arena to show him some PvP stuff. The first match we get into, we see those 3 letters that so many arena players dread… "TDM????"

I explain to my friend what a TDM is and we decide to do it so he can get used to sniping and hipfiring with a pistol. We get into the game and roll up to the fort, and blue and green are already there.

We get on the island and fight. I'm doing pretty well, and he's doing good for a new player, but he's getting frustrated when he dies. He tells me that he wants to learn cannoning and ship stuff before TDMing, but he agrees to continue the TDM until the match ends.

Keep in mind, we're Xbox players. Everyone we're going against is PC. Our opponents have also been bucketing my body and dancing on it every time they kill me. I'm not too mad about that, as it happens to me a lot, but a couple minutes into the round, they start shit talking, which is weird, because I even complimented them on a few of their shots, because I was genuinely impressed by their skill.

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They must have realized we were on Xbox, because they start calling us "Xbots" among other things. Here is a list of some of the worst things they called us/said to us…




"You're fucking garbage kid"

"Fucking sword bot" (I wasn't using sword so this one was strange)

"Get fucking shit on"

Standard toxic stuff, but toxic none the less. After about 5 minutes of this, with 5 minutes left in the match, we decide we've had enough. We get on our ship and absolutely blast them with cannons, sinking both ships and putting us in the lead. Then they launch to us from the fort cannons, probably hoping to camp us as so many TDMers do to people who don't play by their rules. They did make one mistake though… they underestimated me.

I may not be good at combat on islands, but if I have a blunder/pistol combo and I'm on a ship, very few people can stop me. They all launch out and get on our ship, destroying my friend immediately, but I start shooting back.

4 against one. Me versus 2 sloops. My friend is a liability at this point. I blunder one of the enemies, not killing him, but he is hurt. I pull out my pistol and hit one on the bowsprit, who tries to snipe me but in a mad stroke of luck, hits the guy I just blundered, killing him. I then reload my blunder and finish off the one on the bowsprit. At this point there's one down below and one on the canopy, who hits me with a sniper. I heal and he misses a shot, allowing me to run up to him, dodge another pistol shot, and blunder him in the face, somehow not killing him but knocking him off the ship. I go down below to the final enemy, and manage to hit a one blunder, killing him before he hits me. The guy in the water starts throwing blunderbombs, trying to board, but I hit him with a pistol, finishing him off and claiming a victory, my friend sitting on the bowsprit the entire time.

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When I was new and bad at the game, my goal was to be so good that I could kill the toxic people and put them in thier place. Well now I've done exactly that, and I am infinitely proud of myself.


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