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Had an amazing session today. Helping new players as a Reaper is quite fun!

Content of the article: "Had an amazing session today. Helping new players as a Reaper is quite fun!"

I had a lovely session that lasted the latter half of my day. I found an amazing crew, but a few had to leave. They were quickly replaced of course, and everyone in our crew was very kind and fun. As Reapers, we fucked up every ship we saw, it went quite well for us.

During our second sell session after a nice Flameheart event, we nearly sold everything’s when a Galleon sneaks up behind us. Some lad is in the water asking us if we want to alliance. Half of them were brand new, so we took pity also considering they didn’t sink us. After teaching them how to alliance us, we sailed our separate ways.

An hour or so later, we finished off what remained of a skeleton fleet, and started sailing to go sell again. I was on duty to check the map and lead us to Reapers Hideout, but I notice our friends are 2 squares away! I cannon over there, but just barely miss it. Luckily I have enough time to tell them on the megaphone “We are about to sell, so prepare for some income!”. They sounded so happy, it was great!

An hour later, we pass an outpost and see their ship. I cannon over and land directly on their ship. I look around for awhile, but to no avail. I wanted to friend them but never got the chance. 5 minutes later, the alliance was over as they had left the server.

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A few hours later, we find a sloop and go to sink it. One of my crew mates told us to bring a storage crate over to steal their supplies. I began taking cannonballs when I look to my left and see this half-naked guy staring at me. His freckled face glistened in the light. He pulls out a gun and I start walking backwards trying to stop him. At this point my crew mates wanna mess with em. I told them to look to his right, shooting in the direction. He thought I shot at him so he shot at me! My crew mates shot a cannon because an attempt on my life was made, but we eventually calmed it down.

After we showed him how to alliance with us, we stayed there for a bit playing music and got an achievement. He seemed quite happy. We secretly gave him a Skeleton Captain Chest to sell (which took him 30 minutes to do so.) and went our separate ways when we noticed a sloop on its way to a Reapers chest.

Hours later, our crew is tired and ready to leave to sail another day. We had fought a Brigantine twice, and it was coming for us again, so we decided to sell what we had. After selling 3/4 of our loot, we see a ship to our left and start freaking out! We see an emissary flag and prepare for war. I check the map to realize it’s our Sloop buddy from earlier! He came to thank us and told us about a skull he found. We start loading our many storage crates on his ship and continue selling the rest, eventually lowering our emissary. I showed him how to emote and did the Make Friends emote. Wanting to be safe, I added him on Xbox.

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Made a nice 500,000 or so that session.

Reapers, ya don’t need to sink every single ship. Let fresh spawns live, and if they’re new, give them a chance, and maybe even a storage crate!


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