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Here is some PvP tips I’ve picked up over the years.

PvP in SoT is not for the weak, it is not like some other games where you simply die and respawn, while you certainly will die and then be brought back to life thanks to the ole ferryman, but in SoT it's more complicated than that, you can lose all your hard earned treasure and resources to a group of thieving pirates. So I put together a small list of tips that can help you in tough situations.

Please note that these tips will benefit mostly new players but some may help you legends.

Going in no particular order let's get started.

• Did you know that you can break a players mast with their own ship? It's very simple but can be hard to pull off, if you find yourself alone on an enemies ship you can put a chainshot in their cannons and if their sails are angled in the right direction you can shoot straight up and hit their mast and break it clean in half.

• when activating a sword lunge towards an attacker sometimes at the last second you realize it was a bad choice and you will miss your target and get winded for a few seconds allowing your opponent to get off a few free hits on you, the solution is if you think you're going to miss your target quickly aim towards the ground or other nearby objects, hitting anything but air can save you those few seconds.

• If someone boards your ship with a gunpowder barrel the worst thing to do is chase them, because if you're too close when it explodes you will die and cannot save your ship, the solution is when you hear that fuse ignite jump overboard, your ship will still take a lot of damage but at least you will be alive and can get back to the ship as quick as possible to repair. This has saved my crew countless times.

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• Ever feel like someone may be tucking on your ship or are stalking you? Well the best way to know if a player is nearby without seeing a mermaid floating about, simply check your recently played with, if any other names pop up other than your crew and says last met 3< minutes ago you can be sure there is a player nearby, this isnt always effective due to xbox not always updating this list.

• If you're trying to hide from a player ship you can break your own mast so that it isn't sticking up 40 feet in the air giving your position away, this will demobilize your ship so use with extreme caution and be ready to quickly repair if spotted.

• If you are tailing a ship and a player jumps overboard to attempt to board you try harpooning them once they are very close to the front of your ship, for a split second they will be a little confused as to what happen and will give your crew time to get in some quick hits and eliminate them, just make sure your crew is there and ready to swing.

• Stack loot and other crates on top of your anchor, this will make it much more difficult for enemies to anchor you, instead they will likely pick up an item and this will give you a couple of seconds to smack them around a little.

• If you're the type of player who likes carrying gunpowder barrels on your ship then here is a tip for you, when an enemy ship is tailing you at a close distance directly behind you simply drop a barrel off the back of your ship, with any luck they will run right into it giving them a nice explosive surprise.

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• One of my favorite ways to use gunpowder barrels especially when sailing a sloop is to align my ship to ram an enemies ship, climb to the top of the mast and sit right at the top of the ladder, staying on the ladder lessens the chance of being sniped, once you're about to ram hop up to the crows nest and as soon as the ships are about to make contact jump from the crows nest down onto the enemies ship, they won't be expecting you to drop in from above so a lot of times you can get onto their ship and blow it up, just be cautious as they will likely board you as well, but once that barrel explodes they will hurry back to their ship to try saving it, try to plant the barrel where you have enough room to move so that the blast doesn't kill you, this will allow you to distract them from patching up and increasing the chances of them sinking.

• Never try to go all in when facing an enemy ship, play it smart and try not to waste resources, my approach to taking down an enemy ship is to try crippling their ship first, usually a crew mate will attempt to board them causing some distraction as I attempt to take out their masts, once you have them crippled then you can move in for the kill, if the masts are down and they are anchored they are sitting ducks, just do not place your ship where they can shoot back, behind them or in front will do just fine, with a barrage of cannon balls they should have a very difficult time repairing ultimately leading to their ship taking a nap on the ocean floor.

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These are the tips I use when playing, you will sink, you will die, you will lose a lot of loot and resources from time to time, but by playing smart and having a plan can give you that advantage you need to survive the battle, but we cant win them all so just take it for what it is and sail on.


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